Saturday, May 19, 2012

Penang Village Restaurant

  And so, I had the privilege of going for a food tasting at Penang Village, Great Eastern Mall. They couldn't have invited a better food taster (if theres such a word?) considering that both my parents hail from the very land, Penang Island.

Fuck the ambience, let's get down and dirty with the food first!

The pai tee as shown above is THE BEST i've tasted in my entire 24 years of existence on this planet. Unlike the usual stuff, this has a chunk of crabmeat and a cashew nut sat comfortably at the top of it all!

There's the pandan leaf wrapped fried chicken was I didn't know was thai-inspired. Absolutely tasty to the very last bite!

That is what I call a Nasi Lemak with a touch of class. I wouldn't say it was very traditional malay but it came across to me more of a nyonya feel especially the curry chicken. 

Just a note on nyonya food which the founders of Penang Village Restaurant highlighted to us, nyonya food in Malacca tends to be more panda,coconut-ish whereas nyonya food in penang tends to be more savory/spicy simply because Penang is closer to Thailand. Hmmm.

You can tell any lies to a Penangnite and get them to believe you. But if theres one thing you can never lie about its the Fried Kuey Teow. With both of my parents hailing from Penang, I'll have to say the Char Kuey Teow of Penang Village Restaurant certainly meets the standard. =)

And we also had some Fried Noodles laced with fried egg. Better than your local mamak stall anytime, if you ask me! Thats another Fried Noodle with class!

I absolutely, absolutely love the fried vegetables as shown above. It's very crispy seaweed like, just so you get the idea! Can anyone tell me if this is another nyonya-inspired dish?

The Rojak....that I've got nothing to say about simply because I never was and never will be a fan of it so realistically, I am not one to comment on it.

The drinks fascinated me. Love how they had quite a number of their own modified drinks. From extreme left is the all-time local favorite iced milo, followed by what I would call a Virgin Mojito (soury-limey taste) and of course, Ribena with longans!

Last but certainly not the least, we have DURIAN CENDOL!! 
P/S: I hate durians like nobody's business but I will have to give thumbs up to this simply because the durian smell/taste was very subtle and the fact that the cendol itself wasn't too sweet or sour. It was simply perfect.
Also, it was this I was busy stuffing my face with when one of the restaurant's founder asked me if I do part-time modeling. It was God's grace that I didn't choke and die.

On the interior of the entire restaurant, I quite like how they actually chose a very colonial feel to add to the ambience. All I can say is that the interior expresses a blend of elements - Modern meets colonial with a sprinkle of asia. Very much like Malaysian food, very much indeed. 

It certainly can't be compared to real traditional food (e.g. your local mak-cik who sells Nasi Lemak by the road or your favorite hawker stall in Penang Street) but it does get really close. With a very reasonable pricing to the food, a tastefully decorated interior and food that definitely taste above average, there's nothing really to complain about Penang Village Restaurant. 
It is indeed worth dropping in to try them out, you can have my word on that!


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