Friday, August 31, 2012

I Heart Art

  About 2 weeks ago, I was invited to one of the most interesting press conferences I have attended to date. Titled "I ART YOU MALAYSIA", the press conference was held in Petronas Gallery at Suria KLCC on 13th August 2012 respectively.
  I ART YOU MALAYSIA showcased a compilation of art work on artblock papers done by about 200 school children nationwide in conjunction with the upcoming 55th celebration of Independence on 31st August 2012 and Malaysia Day on 16th September 2012.
  However, I ART YOU MALAYSIA was just one of the highlights of the press conference.

THE HIGHLIGHT of the press conference was..... i'll let the embedded videos below speaks for itself.

  To continue in its annual tradition of releasing beautiful raya/merdeka tv commercials, this year, Petronas took to a different twist and released a debut WEB FILM instead of a TV COMMERCIAL. Unlike the usual tear-jerky ones, this particular one has a slightly longer time duration and it tells a story of a young Malaysian PETRONAS engineer who was sent to work in Central Asia and how he is not able to come home to spend Hari Raya (or Eid Mubarak) with his family . The story takes flight when the young engineer crosses path with a local boy, Jeyhun.

  No doubt the video may not be my cup of tea as being the dramatic one I actually prefer the tear-jerky-Yasmin-Ahmad's-ones, somehow, I still think it is refreshingly unique with a different twist to it altogether that is somehow someway still able to relate to and resound with every single Malaysian - deeply.

This video reminded me of my time in China when after four days of being in a country populated majorly by Chinese, I came across a Malay family who were on a holiday there too and how I just felt so happy bumping into them there and how I regard them as "my own people" way more than I regard the Chinese in China. It's funny how when are in Malaysia, we tend to segregate ourselves (whether secretly or not) as Chinese, Malay and Indian but when we see each other abroad, we relate to one another as "Malaysians" and how it just hits home somewhere in you.

I dont know about you, but that's for me.... for sure.

Anyway, enough with me and my opinions....
Here are more pictures from the press conference....

It all started in true Muslim fashion with an opening prayer.
At that point, it reminded me very much of school days' Monday morning assembly.
I left school 7 years ago. 
It's crazy how time flies!!

An opening speech by Yang Bahagia Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division for Petronas

A screening of the video titled "Strangers" as embedded above in my blog post, during the press conference.

Dato officiating the launch of the Web Film, Strangers and the other campaigns.

Samantha Sito ( and I 

Artwork done by the 200 school children all over Malaysia.
And me, as with everything, trying to camwhore.

A pavilion which enables one to framed in a heart shape and camwhore.

I took a little walk around the Petronas Art Gallery and this particular painting captured my eyes.
Can you feel it like I did?

Enough with the art.

This is another part of the press conference (or rather, after the press conference which impressed me):
Being the greedy glutton I usually am, I wasn't so interested in gobbling up the food, for once!
Neither was I interested in the arrangement of food or whatsoever.
It was the CHOICE of food that amazed me.


"Kuah Kacang" and "Nasi Impit"


Air Bandung

You have yet to notice the theme of the food?
Shame on you!
All the food above screams MALAYSIAN loudly.
Really loudly.
I was impressed.
In my standards, an event is spectacular if the food shares the same theme as the entire event.
After all, how many events have done that or bothers doing that?

And as if the food was not attractive enough, the organizers took a little step further and showed off in the press kits:

Inside what seemed like a moon-cake box, there are six little boxes of delicacies, 
(again if you didn't notice, a knock on your head!!) representing the 3 main races of Malaysia.

A perfect white photo frame to go along with my perfect white four-post bed.

Raya packets which I forgot to pass to my sister.
Nevermind, next  year.

A uniquely shaped PETRONAS 4GB thumb drive.
I love thumb drives!
The only problem is, I many! ;(
But I still love them.
They are like lipglosses to me, teeheee!!

And, of course, my favourite piece of brochure because it's so colourful like that!

Petronas has certainly set a high benchmark for Merdeka/Raya commercials.
I am certainly looking forward to next year's!!

In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes photos from Petronas:

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