Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miss CLEO Cover Girl NOT


  So i got featured in CLEO magazine for Oct 2012's issue.
(thanks and no thanks to Josh Lim - thanks obviously for the opportunity, no thanks because they cut my long black locks and dye it some more....oh the things I do for work!! LOL!!)

  I was almost on the cover of the magazine, by almost I meant 200 pages away =) *clears throat* Everybody has got to start somewhere, isn't it?

  Anyhow, Josh Lim thinks I should share this experience of being featured in the magazine with you guys. *clears throat louder*

  Well actually, being in front of a camera is nothing new to me - and I am not referring to the daily camwhoring. I'm referring to my childhood specifically.

 At 6, I have done many commercials by then. Most famous being Johnson & Johnson TVC promoting the "No More Tears" campaign... remember the two little girls? I was the one in pink. Yeah, so when I went for the Olay TVC with Yuna recently, it sort of brought back a bit of childhood memories like how I spend the entire day sitting infront of the camera with bright lightings at the back, make-up lady running to dab my sweat off my face and touch up my make up each time the director shouts CUT!! I remember very clearly the words "AND ROLLING....AANNDD..... ACTION!!" and how people around have to stay really silent. All that at 6 years of age. Sigh.

  Yeah, so back to the shoot for CLEO magazine. The beauty editor asked me if I was willing to go for a bob-cut. I literally glared at her and replied what sounded like a booming NO before she could finish her sentence. Kinda felt shy right after.

  For some reasons they were playing safe with the 4 other girls and somehow decided to bob-cut me. Sorry man, ain't gonna happen even if they were to pay me RM 5,000. Mummy always said to me "your hair is your crowning glory".... uhmm... which I hardly comb anyways, but that's not the point.

They almost insisted on bob cut until I told them since my hair is THE LONGEST, cutting it off 4 inches IS already a make over by itself.
So I personally suggested getting it styled in this way, to show off the cuts....
I love the modern look of it.

Because black hair in this hair style would make me look oh-so-aunty, they decided to dye my hair. I was the only one out of the five girls who got my hair dyed.
Can't complain!! :)

Callie, the director of Michael & Guys (I was honored to have her touch my tresses) twirling my hair up in a bun...which both her and I didn't quite like. Again we had to because the other girls were either wearing their hair down or back-combed it.

After the shoot for the day look.... Callie proceeded to prep me up for the night look....
(can I get some Jazz music in the background, please?)

I loved this look more. We both did, actually.

Me doing the shoot. I honestly don't know how models can be infront of the camera the entire day. It IS tiring!! 
Camera man: Smile, rose...give me a teasing look.
*I give*
Camera man: A bit more flirty....
*I flirt*
Camera man: Chin up a little more, look in to the camera... open your eyes...
* I did as told*
Camera man: Give me the sultry look....
*I did sultry*
Camera man: Ehhh... This is CLEO magazine not FHM ok!!

At that point, i paused everything and laughed for a good 30 seconds, before getting back to position with a more cheerful face. Screw sexy. I am only good at doing retarded.

You ready for the outcome of it all????

Bet you have seen it on Facebook or Twitter, anyways!


I was expecting my pictures to turn out way worse than this. 
Not much photoshop done except an adjustment to the lighting,
cleaning up my gums and teeth (yes they did!)...
yeap thats about it....
And I just realize how very indian my nose looks.
Nothing to complain about either.
I'd rather have an indian looking nose than a....
OK, let's not go there.
*big grin to show my chinky teeth*

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and a breeze working with the hairstylist and everybody else on set including the girls.... nobody did a diva!!!

The gorgeous girls.

Big thanks to Josh Lim and CLEO magazine once again!!!

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