Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moon Cake Boxes

  I drove all the way to KL last week, got stuck in hours of jam for this....

Yeap you got that right!!! Mooncakes from Concorde Hotel!! I look forward to mooncakes from Concorde Hotel simply because Concorde Hotel makes one of the best mooncakes I've ever tasted.... Ok, I'm comparing it against cheap supermarket ones so yeah. When I say one of the best.. I meant in terms of the taste of the mooncakes itself and the box of course!!

I find Concorde Mooncakes less sweet as compared to the others.... My favourite flavour is the Pure White Lotus. Because I am diabetic, mooncakes being less sweet is actually a huge plus point for me.... at least, mental comfort haha! The above pictures show the packaging for this year's..... and the below was the packaging for 2010.... I missed out on the packaging for 2011, though! ;(

I find the packaging of Concorde's traditionally classy and that's what I love about it!! Tradition + Class is an absolutely fantastic combination!!

Let's take a look at some of the typically traditional boxes below....

I remember having the EXACT same box back when I was 14. Can't remember which bakery it was 
from though!!

Below are some traditional "cute" ones...

And then there are the really unique ones....

In a book-shape like, anyone?

Mini mooncakes in checkers set!! How brilliant!!

I dont get this... soap bar-like? Eye-catching nevertheless!!

Uniquely shaped indeed!!

And then, there are the modern ones.....

Mooncakes in a red-handbag!! Well I havent seen this life but one of the many things I will consider is if I can actually carry the bag around (perhaps as a make-up kit? LOL) and the material of the bag.
Just so you know, I take after my mum....I buy mooncakes 80% for the design of the boxes...
oh yes I remember those old traditional boxes with music when you open it....

Even Starbucks is on to the mooncake bandwagon!! Kudos!!

And if I were a kid, I would REALLY be attracted to the two below:

I can't wait to see next year's Concorde Hotel Mooncake box!!
This is how much I actually look forward to it, LOL!!!!

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