Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

  Dear all,

It's Indian time 5PM and I am about to board a flight from Goa to Mumbai tonight to countdown to the new year.

I am off data (at least I get some peace, really!) and I can't be bothered getting an Indian SIM card because they take 5days to activate.

Gotta go - happy new year you all!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nivea Facial Care Product Launch

  NIVEA had their Pure and Natural facial care product launch last week at Delicious Cafe Dua Residency. They couldn't have picked a better venue, I must say!

 Daphne Iking was the host for the event with Hannah Lo as the ambassador and and special appearance by Miss World Malaysia 2010, Nadia Heng.


Delicious Cafe's blue and white logo matches that of NIVEA's. Also, attendees of the launch were all told to wear blue and white. The deco from the chairs to the ceiling were all in shades of blues. 
So yes, it was a blue blue blue launch!

Standing in the middle above, is yours truly decked out in a navy blue-white sailor-like dress.
On the left is blogger Zulaika Zamrim and on the right it's none other than blogger AudreyPuiYan.

 When I heard that NIVEA is launching their facial skin care range, I thought it's about time, really because for me, NIVEA is very well known in skin moisturizing products (e.g. lotions, etc) and not to mention that the brand has been around for a very long time!

That's blogger Jessica Tan and I, looking very pleased with our NIVEA goodie bags! 

Let me show you what's inside the cool blue awesome goodie bag!

NIVEA Pure and Natural Day Cream (face moisturizer) which the very famous princess Kate Middleton uses!! I kid you not! Click HERE to read up on it!

NIVEA Pure and Natural Cleansing Toner and Cleansing Lotion (which acts as a milk facial cleanser)

NIVEA Pure and Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

NIVEA Pure and Natural deodorant!!

NIVEA Pure and Natural Body Lotion

Yours truly with the star product - NIVEA's Pure and Natural day cream which Princess Kate Middleton was caught buying. If it's suitable for a princess, why not me isn't it?

And because of that, the entire theme of the launch revolved around Princess Kate Middleton. From the afternoon tea to the little fashion show by local designer Dominic Chan which showed off princess inspired gowns.

Jessica and I slipping in a quick camwhore shot before leaving

So the product launch was a success, no doubt.
But let's see how their products fair, shall we?

By now, you can guess that this is a advertorial post. However, I am VERY PARTICULAR when it comes to any form of advertising for SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. Simply because, I have a very sensitive skin and the last thing I want to do is to recommend you a product which may not be suitable for your skin. 
Hence whatever opinion that I may write after this, is, strictly my own judgement based on my own try and tested results.

 My skin specialist (who does my facial treatment every month) gave me strict warning that i should ONLY use facial MILK CLEANSER (because it's gentle towards the skin) and FACE MOISTURIZER, NOTHING ELSE!!
I am told not to try any form of facial scrub, toner, etc.
Just strictly a face wash and moisturizer, that's all.

Hence, no prizes for guessing which of the NIVEA Pure and Natural products I was eager on slapping on my face first.
The "Kate-Middleton" day cream of course!


Being the naturally slightly retarded me, I had to resort to using bobby pins to open the foil that protects the tub of face cream.

 Rub rub rub rub rub on my face before sleeping in an air-conditioned room.
Now, I dislike creams that are too oily for the face or sticky for that matter because we live in a humid country hence heaving an oily or sticky face isn't quite a pleasant feeling.
I slap the moisturizer on my face that night itself after the launch to test it out.
(e.g. I sleep in an air con room by the way!)


Good is an understatement. My skin felt amazing!!! Very moisturized without being overly oily or so. It felt smooth, hydrated and supple. And the cream is odourless!!
I went in to the office and my colleague asked me why is my skin glowing. 
I said thanks to NIVEA, like seriously.
This is sounding like a very cliche advertorial, I am fully aware of that.

(p/s: I also did try out the NIVEA Pure and Natural Cleasing Lotion for the face, and yes, it's good! It also works well as a make-up remover!) 

So, look at the picture below and do your own judgement.

 This picture is taken 5 days after using the NIVEA Pure and Natural Day Cream.

Look how my skin glows even without any make up on my face?

In my opinion, NIVEA's Pure and Natural "day" cream can also be used at night because I find the texture thick enough to be used at night and it works well especially if you sleep in air-conditioned room.
My suggestion is to apply a thinner layer in the day.

So, I did mention above that my daily skin care regime consists of just a facial cleanser and moisturizer.
However, I think YOU will need to get your skin analyze by a qualified skin specialist before you decide on your daily skin care regime as it differs from time to time and individuals to individuals.

The basic daily skin care regime is to cleanse, tone and moisturize.

Check out the video below of me interviewing Nadia Heng (Miss World Malaysia 2010) on the use of NIVEA's Pure and Natural skin care range as well as her daily skin care regime.



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Taj Mahal

I am on my way to the airport now and i am blogging from my iPhone 5. I will be catching a flight to delhi, india.... Will reach delhi tonight.

Words cant express how excited i am to be going to india - sure i heard tons of unpleasant things about visiting india from the cleanliness to the water to how unsafe it is there. But literally nothing can stop me from visiting this country... And the reason of it all lies below:

I could still clearly remember seeing the Taj Mahal in pictures for the first time in my life - back when i was about 7years old in Aunty Poh's house. Even at that tender age this building caught my eye in a random flip through a picture book. I still remember that it was a picture of Princess Diana posing infront of the building.

And i cant believe... That i will be setting foot there... For the very first time in my life...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Holiday Season Dos

  The past few weeks were terribly hectic for me. By the way, it's 9pm on a 23rd December 2012 and I'm in the office just donw with work. With so many events and so much work (also not to mention preparing for the next 2weeks+ in India), the stress level surely didn't help my poor visible eye bags.

  Despite all that, December is always the month when people seem to be in a holiday mood and a bit easy on work (not in the bloody media industry, that, i can tell you!) hence I told myself, no point looking all dull at events, right? After all it's December yo!!

I was inspired by this look. It's the Christmas Collection 2012 look from Chanel.

Here's a closer look...

I even thought of chopping of my hair to make bangs like the model in this picture.
But then I thought, nahhh... I'm already known as "child like" to a certain someone.
Having bangs will just escalate it.

My first attempt at it.
Nice or scary?

I let my hair go and made it into big curls with half of it pinned up to create a "snooki from Jersey Shore"-like-hair.

Also, credit to local designer Melvin Ashley Shah for this beautiful dress which I wore to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Gala night. Mel also made sure I did not wear my hair too high up because I would end up looking like Saloma

Gadis Melayu terakhir. Haha!

And the very next day at the Models Award, I thought of going for something lighter (actually I also didnt expect the award night to be as grand as it was. LOL) A few jabs on and I came up with these:

Relaxed yet stunning.

The outcome below:

Relax? no. Stunning? no.
That's me, for you!
My attempt at doing a big, back-combed, relaxed hair ended up looking messy and making me look disheveled in entirety. 

People were in their gowns!!!
Stephanie Liah and I were ashamed for being under-dress.

Merry Christmas to you...
And beneath all that christmas shopping, lunches and dinners, presents and candy canes....
Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas...
The story behind christmas...

Have a blessed Christmas all of you!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Merdeka Awards

  I attended the very prestigious Merdeka Awards last Monday which took place at the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas which features the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).
  If you dont already know, the Merdeka Awards is the equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize in Malaysia whereby individuals are recognised and awarded for their life-long work and contribution towards certain fields or sector. There are five recognized fields: Education & Community, Environment, Health Science & Technology, Outstanding Scholastic Achievements and Outstanding Contributions to the People of Malaysia.
 Who determines the recipients? Well there is actually a "commitee" (which members change every year!) to determine the nominees and then determine the winner of a certain category. The winner will receive RM 500,000 (that's half a million, yo!) and a trophy as their award. And yes you guess that right, most of the winners are at least 50 years old and above. I mean, honestly, how much contribution can you prove at the age of 30, right?

So, anyway, let's leave the talking to the pictures....

The beautiful ceiling inside the Dewan Philharmonic.
Truly, this is one thing Malaysians should be proud of.
The Dewan Philharmonic itself.

Awards being handed out to the recipients, speeches, formal stuff, etc etc etc!

Performance by a local poet in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia.\

And... and.... and.... I finally get to watch Jaclyn Victor performing live INFRONT OF MY EYES!!
Have been pretty much amazed by her vocals since 2004 when she won Malaysian Idol.
After 8 years. Finally.
And yes, she was good if not better!!

Immediately after the Gala, we were ushered downstairs and were greeted by this fantastic display to signify that... supper is served.

"Atas" food. Or what we call "high class" food.
Obviously I couldn't be bothered about taking pictures after that.
Unlike the 99% of girls in Malaysia, I just eat my food.
Pictures? Oh please, I'm hungry.