Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Taj Mahal

I am on my way to the airport now and i am blogging from my iPhone 5. I will be catching a flight to delhi, india.... Will reach delhi tonight.

Words cant express how excited i am to be going to india - sure i heard tons of unpleasant things about visiting india from the cleanliness to the water to how unsafe it is there. But literally nothing can stop me from visiting this country... And the reason of it all lies below:

I could still clearly remember seeing the Taj Mahal in pictures for the first time in my life - back when i was about 7years old in Aunty Poh's house. Even at that tender age this building caught my eye in a random flip through a picture book. I still remember that it was a picture of Princess Diana posing infront of the building.

And i cant believe... That i will be setting foot there... For the very first time in my life...

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