Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Holiday Season Dos

  The past few weeks were terribly hectic for me. By the way, it's 9pm on a 23rd December 2012 and I'm in the office just donw with work. With so many events and so much work (also not to mention preparing for the next 2weeks+ in India), the stress level surely didn't help my poor visible eye bags.

  Despite all that, December is always the month when people seem to be in a holiday mood and a bit easy on work (not in the bloody media industry, that, i can tell you!) hence I told myself, no point looking all dull at events, right? After all it's December yo!!

I was inspired by this look. It's the Christmas Collection 2012 look from Chanel.

Here's a closer look...

I even thought of chopping of my hair to make bangs like the model in this picture.
But then I thought, nahhh... I'm already known as "child like" to a certain someone.
Having bangs will just escalate it.

My first attempt at it.
Nice or scary?

I let my hair go and made it into big curls with half of it pinned up to create a "snooki from Jersey Shore"-like-hair.

Also, credit to local designer Melvin Ashley Shah for this beautiful dress which I wore to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Gala night. Mel also made sure I did not wear my hair too high up because I would end up looking like Saloma

Gadis Melayu terakhir. Haha!

And the very next day at the Models Award, I thought of going for something lighter (actually I also didnt expect the award night to be as grand as it was. LOL) A few jabs on and I came up with these:

Relaxed yet stunning.

The outcome below:

Relax? no. Stunning? no.
That's me, for you!
My attempt at doing a big, back-combed, relaxed hair ended up looking messy and making me look disheveled in entirety. 

People were in their gowns!!!
Stephanie Liah and I were ashamed for being under-dress.

Merry Christmas to you...
And beneath all that christmas shopping, lunches and dinners, presents and candy canes....
Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas...
The story behind christmas...

Have a blessed Christmas all of you!

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