Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Merdeka Awards

  I attended the very prestigious Merdeka Awards last Monday which took place at the Dewan Philharmonik Petronas which features the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).
  If you dont already know, the Merdeka Awards is the equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize in Malaysia whereby individuals are recognised and awarded for their life-long work and contribution towards certain fields or sector. There are five recognized fields: Education & Community, Environment, Health Science & Technology, Outstanding Scholastic Achievements and Outstanding Contributions to the People of Malaysia.
 Who determines the recipients? Well there is actually a "commitee" (which members change every year!) to determine the nominees and then determine the winner of a certain category. The winner will receive RM 500,000 (that's half a million, yo!) and a trophy as their award. And yes you guess that right, most of the winners are at least 50 years old and above. I mean, honestly, how much contribution can you prove at the age of 30, right?

So, anyway, let's leave the talking to the pictures....

The beautiful ceiling inside the Dewan Philharmonic.
Truly, this is one thing Malaysians should be proud of.
The Dewan Philharmonic itself.

Awards being handed out to the recipients, speeches, formal stuff, etc etc etc!

Performance by a local poet in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia.\

And... and.... and.... I finally get to watch Jaclyn Victor performing live INFRONT OF MY EYES!!
Have been pretty much amazed by her vocals since 2004 when she won Malaysian Idol.
After 8 years. Finally.
And yes, she was good if not better!!

Immediately after the Gala, we were ushered downstairs and were greeted by this fantastic display to signify that... supper is served.

"Atas" food. Or what we call "high class" food.
Obviously I couldn't be bothered about taking pictures after that.
Unlike the 99% of girls in Malaysia, I just eat my food.
Pictures? Oh please, I'm hungry.

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