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My Dream Wedding

Almost every girl dreams about her "big day" as young as 4 years old - I said 4 years old because my little niece, Natasha, told me she wants a huge purple wedding cake and little purple cupcakes for her wedding and that her diamond ring should be a big one (she's headed down the right way!) and her dress should be long and purple like that of a princess. In case you haven't already guessed, her favourite color is purple!!


So, this is Natasha's aunt's dream wedding..... 


The FIRST dream venue which happens to also be the most highly impossible is

St Peter's Basilica, 
Vatican City, 
Rome, Italy.

I have always, always dreamt of getting married in a Catholic church.
I think it's only right to have a wedding in church.
In the morning.
Where my dad will walk me down the aisle and hand me over to my husband.
And I will not cry because I will not smear the make-up on my face and look ugly during one of the most precious moments in my life!!

I have actually been to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and according to the tour guide, it is almost impossible for one to get married in this venue unless you are strongly connected or have connections with the Pope. 

So, there goes my number one dream venue for my wedding.

Just look at the ray of light shining down. 
I can only imagine me and my husband kneeling at the altar during the wedding ceremony with such a ray of light shining down at us.

Since my number one dream place to hold my wedding is out of the question,
I became more realistic and instead chose this as my SECOND venue.

St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Kuala Lumpur.

Yes, my head is back on my shoulders.

This is a presbyterian church where its furnitures go all the way back to World War 2. 
It's rich in history and it is designed like a Roman Catholic Church.
Hidden somewhere in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Now, this THIRD location is where I want to hold my Wedding Dinner, you know, the night function.
Morning in church, evening/night at the garden.
Where the dance floor will be opened to whoever who wish to dance after dinner.
I will of course lead the first dance with my charming husband and followed by a dance with daddy ;(
And this is when I want Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle to be played. ;(

So, the THIRD location is Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur.
Located in a hidden area up a hill where it's all quiet and serene.
It's a hotel, too, by the way!

The entrance

I will have a car like this driving me in for a grand entrance =)

They have a huge lawn which is perfect for a garden wedding!!

The verandah - perfect place for the guests to mingle/smoke/drink after dinner.

The interior

I can picture myself walking down the steps with my husband TEEHEHEHE

One of the few guest rooms they have. 


Being the sweet natured girl I am, I will throw the below pictures to my circle of close friends, 8 months before the wedding, to get them to come up with a design for my wedding gown which is 

Yes, I want my wedding gown designed by my closest friends.
I think it's really sweet and memorable.
I think a wedding should be a private and an extremely memorable event to mark the union of two people who plan to live the rest of their lives together and I'll make sure that every individual who is dear to me will be as involved as possible in this event of my life.

Now, it is no secret that I am a SUCKER for lace. Big bloody time.
Hence I really REALLY dig two wedding dresses - 
Grace Kelly's (L - Below) and Kate Middleton's (R - Below).

I think the right design of lace makes an outfit look really classy and timeless.
If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Grace Kelly's.
I will most probably wear a very similar gown to Grace Kelly, with very minimal adjustments.
There's no point in being original when the best had already been made, no? =)

But because I do love the both designs, anyway, I googled and came up with a few which I like too...

And i love long trains for the veil......
Mine will be super long.....
Almost as long as Princess Diana's, can?

Evening Dress

So, the wedding dress above will be for the church wedding. 
The evening dresses below are something I will like to wear for the garden wedding/night reception.

And of course, if I do find myself a nice brown man..... =)


For the night wedding reception/dinner, I will have my bridesmaids (yes, my circle of close girlfriends) wear a little black dress.

And as for the church wedding, in honour of my gay friends, I shall have my bridesmaids in suits.
This is me; my silent way of saying "Thou Shalt Not Discriminate" in a church ceremony.
Plus I think my bridesmaids will look cool in suits!!


On normal days, I've always liked my nails to be in a neutral shade. 
Nothing too loud or colorful unless I'm headed to the beach.

So it should come to no surprise for anybody that on my BIG DAY,
I will want my nails to look clean and neutral too.
This is also to highlight the wedding rock, of course! =)

Fresh light pink nails

Dolly light pink nails

Neutral shade of light pink

French nails!!


My mum used to tell me when I was a little girl, that my hair is my crowning glory.
That the hair is capable of making or breaking your looks.
One of the best advise she's ever given me.

I will definitely have dark/black hair for my wedding.
In fact, I highly doubt I will ever go brunette/blonde again. 
I think black is hot on asian girls. 
At least, that's what I think. can say, that's what work for me.

I will either wear my hair half up and half down and/or fully down.

I wish I could pull of the tying hair into a big bun hairstyle but due to my oversize lollipop of a head, 
I have not much choice but to wear my hair all down/partially down.


Just like the dress and the entire theme of my wedding,
having the wedding invitation card covered partly in lace is beautiful.


Like the card and the dress, I like the cake textured/lacey too!

Those just scream BEAUTIFUL isn't it?


If you still can't figured out the theme of my wedding yet - it's white/lacey/creamy and classy, of course!!

The aisle of the church will be decorated with white roses and candles....

Dinner reception table will be decorated with white candles and white roses too...

And my flower bouquet will look something like this....


As much as I hate to admit, I feel that the little table gifts should be unisex.
Something that both males and females will find useful.

A personalize table gift will be sweet but hard word, nevertheless!

And finally..... the much awaited wedding rock.
The highlight of the event.
The gift that represents the love shared and the lifetime commitment made.
*shudders* scary....


Cushion cut diamond engagement ring.
This is WHAT I WANT.

Future husband, listen up!!!

Just look at that!

It's just gorgeous isn't it?

The one on the left is the wedding band.

So when worn together, above is what it will look like.

So......  I have all the details of my wedding sorted out...
From something as important as the dress right down to specific details like the colour of the flowers and candles.
I have my entire wedding plan.
Now, I'll just need to find the right man. 

Wish me luck in the quest of finding one.


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