Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Things I Thought of as a Child

  It's impossible to let you in to the mind of a 25-year-old me but I shall not hesitate the slightest bit to let you in to the mind of a 6-year-old me.

Here are the ten things I truly believed in as a kid. 

1) The world is flat. I believe what I see. The roads are straight and flat on the ground. Oh yeah, the ground is flat too and so is the ocean. The world is flat. No doubts about that and it didn't make any sense to me why do these people make the globe round.


2) If I lie next to a boy, I'll get pregnant. I know, I've come a long way *grins* I have no idea who put this idea in to my innocent mind so I was always quite afraid to lie or sleep next to my cousin. I've decided I'll have a sex talk with my future daughter when she turns 6. For sure.

3) The human heart is in the shape of a heart and it's located in the middle of the chest. Oh, and the heart is red in colour. 

Well err, not this big, but you get the picture.

4) Whenever I had a headache, I always thought there's something growing inside my head. Because my head hurts and especially when I have fever at the same time, it could get really warm. 

I always thought it's growing somewhere right in the middle.

5) I chose my "boyfriends" just by looking at them. Yeah, I remember clearly that there was this boy whom I think was quite handsome, when I was in kindergarten at age 5!!! So every time my aunties ask the 5-year-old me if I have a boyfriend in school, I'll say yes. 
Oh and yes, I started noticing boys at 5 years old, not when I hit puberty. My first disney love was Aladdin and I thought Princess Jasmine was the prettiest princess amongst all the other disney princesses. There you go, my taste in men was apparent since I was a kid. As a kid, I also always found "men" to be appealing - men, not boys.

At 6 years old, that was my idea of a handsome boy and a pretty girl.
I guess my taste didn't change much.

6) This one is pretty embarrassing and just goes to show I was indeed a real diva. I always thought I was secretly a princess. And it didn't help that I was always told to be the one who 'look different' and I was "picked up from the garbage truck" (this story was told to me in different variations by different aunties). So yeah, the little me thought it's not entirely impossible if I turn out to be a an actual princess from a far away land. 

yeap, that's a 6-year-old me who thought I had royal blood flowing through my veins.

7) Couldn't understand why my mum's surname is different from mine. In Malaysia, the wife is not allowed to legally (IC/Driver's License, etc) take the husband's last name as compared to other countries in which you have the option to do so or it's a must.
Hence, I always felt she was from a "different" family.

8) When I grow up, my boyfriend will ride a white horse in search of me. I wished someone would have talked to me about reality and the truth, there and then. And convince me that there's no such word as "happily ever after". 

9) My mum was literally everything for me. I'll cry if she doesn't pick me up from school or kindergarten on time. I'll cry when she goes to the pub with my dad leave me watching Disney movies on video tapes at home. When each movie finishes and she's not back, I'll cry. I've always thought to myself that if my mum ever dies, I'll probably die too because I won't be able to function without her. Of course as I grow older, I grow more detached from her. But I still love her the same. She's someone I tell almost everything to. 

10) Now this is something I wish I still had with me now - I never got scared watching Chucky or IT or any horror movie as a kid. I used to be able to sit alone at night in the TV hall watching the horror clown movie IT and Chucky and how I want to scream to warn the victims each time they are about to be killed (I would know when because I always had the movie Chucky and IT on repeat). And I thought it was silly of my friends to be afraid of clowns  because of the movie IT. Each time I asked about their fear of clowns, they'll all ask me the same question - have you watched IT, Rosalyn? yes I have, I would answer and would proceed to tell them that the clown in the movie is just acting and that I personally don't find it scary and that they shouldn't too. Oh well. Kids. What can I say? LOL!!

(ps: i know some of my friends will still flinch when looking at the above pictures.)

Fast forward 19 years later....

Rosalyn has her eyes close 50% of the entire horror movie in the cinema with friends. 

How I miss my childhood and being innocent!  =(

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