Thursday, July 18, 2013

Casa Mia

  I never thought this day would come so soon. No, it's not my wedding day. Not my engagement day either. It's a day.........

Just a day in my life....

When I finally.......

Buy my own house.

Yes, folks, I made the first house purchase (or at least the first step: by booking it because I can't decide which unit to take - story for later) TODAY!!

Now, I'm a real bitch when it comes to selecting a residence to purchase or live in. I'm extremely anal about everything related to my house. For me, my house is my private space - nothing spells ME clearer than the very place I live in hence those who know me well know that I'm very extremely careful about having people over at mine.

I generally do not like people coming over to mine unless invited by me. I love my own space and my privacy. (a sign of staying on my own for too long and well on my way to "forever alone" LOL).

Anyways, I shall not reveal where exactly this property is but let's just say its at a PRIME location. It's EXACTLY at my desired location for a house.

When buying a house, location takes up 90% of importance, for me. I consider these few things (according to priority, 1 being the most important):

1) How jammed is the area?
2) Is it easy to get to KL City or PJ, are there many alternative routings?
3) I should know the area well. As in, the routes and roads.
4) How close am I to where my family members are staying?
(for emergency purposes, you'll never know, right?)
5) Is it a huge hassle getting to my office?
6) What are the surrounding area like? Is it convenient? (clinics, food stalls, etc.)

When choosing to buy a place of residence, the above is of EQUAL IMPORTANCE as the condition of the condominium itself.

And when selecting the condominium unit, I'll consider these few things, again, according to importance.

0) The price of the condominium - because this will determine a little what kind of people will be buying the units and also, heeeheee, IF I CAN AFFORD THIS PROPERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

1) What level is the unit on? 
I will NEVER buy a low level unit - simply because (depending on areas and the surroundings) it can be too noisy, dusty, etc. hence privacy and comfort will be affected. Plus, I enjoy stepping out on the balcony every now and then just to enjoy the night lights, day time scenery or even the cool breeze ( i guess the higher, the cooler the breeze?).

2) What is the built up size of the unit? - I don't like the unit being too big especially if it's just for my dear self. Actually, I dont dig big houses in general. Too many corners in a house scares the bejesus out of me.

3) The lay out of the unit. I HATE developers that make too many rooms/small empty square spaces in a unit. I think it's an utter waste of space and being my father's daughter, I'll always look at how I can place a door to combine two rooms/empty space into one - or if it's permitted, which walls I can knock down or turn it into an arch =)

4) A balcony is a MUST for an apartment/condominium.

5) The area of where the condominium/apartment is to be built. What kind of people live nearby?

6) The other amenities that comes with the unit - plaster ceiling, free aircon, etc. Yes, I'm chinese lah ohkay, whatttoooddoo?

The pool view of my upcoming condo.

Condo surrounded by retail shops at the bottom. 

The 31-storey high condominium. 
I won't say which exactly but I'll be taking a very, very, very high floor.

Oh the gymnasium is awesome too by the way!

Cheers to me on this new property. 
Let's hope there's many more to come!
If you're really interested to know the location of this,
kindly drop me an email at

Two of my friends are in the midst of checking out this property after coming to know about the location and pricing of the units from me. It's a good buy!!

And no, I am not, have not, and will probably not - ever - be a property agent. 
So rest assure that this is no advertisement. LOL.

What do YOU look for when purchasing a residence?

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