Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!!

It has been 56 years of independence for my country, Malaysia. 

Independence is a huge word which boundaries vary between people. 
For some, independence means living on their own. For others, independence means earning their own living. 

I didn't get my independence at 18 years of age.
Neither did I get my independence when I turned 21.

I got my independence at 12.
I was free to go out with my friends (condition: girlfriends, in the daytime, must inform parents on whereabouts).
But the key breakthrough of independence came in the form of a contact lens box.

At age 7, I wore spectacles with an eye power of -1.5 for short sightedness.
At age 12, I was at a -3.5. 
I could still remember... for many months, I had to persuade my parents on a daily basis to allow me to wear contact lenses. 
Nevermind the number one reason of wanting to wear contact lenses was due to vanity but I also remembered reading somewhere that wearing contact lenses will kind of put a halt to a person's eye power from increasing. 

I'm now 25 and I'm at a -5.0.
So, yes, wearing contact lenses did not only gave me more confidence at that point, but it also made my eye power kind of stagnant. 
I mean, my eye power increased -1.5 throughout my 13 years of wearing contact lenses.

For a person new to wearing contact lenses, take it from me that you'll probably take FOREVER to put those lenses into your eyes - reason being our eyes will naturally shut should any object directly too close to it. 
Don't believe me? Try touching your eyeballs now!
I took 1 hour to wear a pair of contact lenses, for the first few times, but like with everything else, I get better with practice. 

Anyway, I have recently been sent a box of contact lenses from Glasses Online.

I usually use Freshkon and/or Freshlook Colourblends contact lenses because these two brands fail to make my eyes feel dry considering I wear contact lenses for long hours (12 hours or more everyday).
I have yet to explore other brands, though. 

This is me wearing Freshkon contact lenses in GLITTERING BLUE color, again, courtesy of Glasses Online.

I'm usually to busy to pop by an optician to purchase contact lenses or go through the trouble of having to wait a day or two for the color and the right eye power I need. 
And because I know my eye power and also the fact that contact lenses do maintain my eye power, I'll order my contact lenses from Glasses Online from now on to cut myself a whole lot of hassle. 

Because I don't use a credit card, the Cash On Delivery is an amazing option for me.
I now can have my contact lenses delivered to my office - or home and pay at my doorstep.
It's that simple.

And finally.... here's a National Day gift from me (chehhh... haha!)

Yeap... go get yourself anything from Glasses Online and if you do purchase more than RM 100, use the code above and you'll get a discount of RM 20 off your total purchase!

Save your thank yous and start shopping with them now... because offer ends TODAY!! 

errr.. I was too excited about contact lenses that I totally forgot to mention.. that Glasses Online also DO sell glasses and they carry brands such as Rayban, Gucci, Prada, etc.

Go check them out already! 
I'll be buying my contact lenses now...


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