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The Nest Samui, Koh Samui - Thailand

For over the last two months I have been to Samui twice and it’s a total of 5 times over the last few years. What I love about Samui is the beautiful beach and the hot sun (which will guarantee you a tan, if you’re looking for one but if you don’t plan to get tanned, I suggest you slap on layers and layers of sunscreen protection lotion because you’ll get REALLY tan by just being in Samui – we’ve always said amongst our circle of friends that there must be a kinda tanning agent in Samui’s air, LOL).

Yours truly up on a floating bar... you heard that right, a floating bar!!

Other than the amazing weather and nice beaches, there’s also the amazing American/English breakfast which I always look forward to every morning by the beach oh and of course, thai food and the night bazaars where they sell REALLY REALLY cheap stuff from dresses to bags, caps, fashion accessories and food!

More over, Samui is a little island (if I’m not mistaken it’ll take you just a couple of hours to go around the entire island by car) filled with white foreigners on holiday. Oh, and it will be a foul cry to miss out on the night life in Samui – beach clubbing and party I mean!

Some people will stay in Samui Island and get on a ferry to nearby Koh Phangan Island to check out the Full Moon Party which takes place once a month… if you haven’t been to a Full Moon Party, you SHOULD!! It’s one of things on many people’s bucket list, I’m sure.

The famous Chaweng area known for night bazaars and night clubs and bars.
A major tourist attraction and definitely an area not to be missed when in Samui.

Now, Samui boasts of many little boutique hotels that range from 1 star to 7 stars depending on your budget. There are many, many hotels in Samui and you’ll definitely be confused or spoilt for choice when deciding on a place to stay – but take it from me… the MOST important thing you’ll want to consider when choosing a hotel in Samui (other than your budget or the value for money, is of course, the location of the hotel itself. Especially if you’re without any mode of transportation, it can be quite costly or a big hassle getting around the Island. Sure, there are motorbike taxies, car taxies and van taxies (they call it “song tiao” in Thai) but time is a very important factor for any holidaymakers hence 

I’ll like to share with you all about this particular hotel I’ve stayed in during my previous trip to Samui (I didn’t stay at this hotel for this trip because my friends had a place of their own, this time).

The Nest Samui is the name of the hotel. This is NOT an advertorial.

As you enter the gates of The Nest, you'll be greeted by a swimming pool.

This is the entrance to my room. There are a total of only about 5 rooms in The Nest, so yes, you can imagine the privacy and most of the time, you'll be able to have the pool to yourself!

More photos of the pool....

A little area for breakfast... by the pool.

Of course, how can I not have a picture of myself by the pool!

Me outside the entrance of my room

Next, let me take you into my room....
Now the thing about The Nest, contrary to most hotels, is that for some reasons, the pictures do not do justice to the actual room...
If you've travelled enough you'll know that hotel rooms conditions cannot be judged by the pictures released by the hotel. 
At The Nest, the ACTUAL room looks way better than it does in pictures!!
(checks of reviews at Agoda, etc also show some travelers saying the exact same thing about The Nest)


Huge closet to make sure there's sufficient space for your baggages and clothes!

Cute little toiletries provided

Beautifully decorated bathroom and the next most important about the hotel I stay in, other than the bed, is the CLEANLINESS OF THE BATHROOM!!
Bathroom at The Nest is super clean!

And boy am I impressed... rainshower-type of shower!!!
Oh the awesomeness of standing under the rainshower with warm water running down endlessly...
or cold water during on hot afternoons especially after spending the entire morning at the beach!

A mini kitchen table-like-bar-whatever-you-wanna-call-it, in the room, yes, IN THE ROOM!

A Sanyo LCD TV in every room that has many, many channels... can?

A Samsung refrigerator! 

Towel rack, lamps on two bedside table

Me being the busybody me just had to check out the other rooms to see if it's as nice as the room I got...
Entrance in to the other room which was vacant.


This is how the other room looked like...

The toilet... love the ladder-like tower rack...

The little quiet corner outside the rooms where one can enjoy reading books (readily available books).
Check out the deck chair too!! Talk about relaxing!


Contrary to my persona on social media, when I'm on a holiday, I value privacy A LOT. 
Be it at the beach or in the hotel... I don't want to be sharing elevators with people, bumping into people at corridors or sharing breakfast space with some 50 hotel guests.... or swimming with 20 other people in the pool...

Hence, this is precisely the reason why I love staying at The Nest when I'm in Koh Samui island.
It's literally a home away from home.
Oh, not forgetting that the price is very very very very reasonable too!

Check The Nest out at:

or their Facebook Page: 

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