Thursday, October 17, 2013

Going, going, gone!!

Hehehe... Today, I welcome a new member of the gadget family in to my room. The F4500 SAMSUNG LED 32" SMART TV.

Slightly more than a month ago, I sold off everything i had which was Apple/Mac because i had enough of the 'incompatibility'. Well technically, ALL that i have of Apple products except the iPad mini because it was given to me by someone before he left for the states.

With Samsung (or any other brand besides Apple/Mac), I no longer have to deal with incompatibility issues or have to double confirm if the external hard disk is compatible with Mac. Nada, none of that nonsense anymore.

I currently am writing this post with awesome Blogger layout from my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I'm using a Acer S7 as my laptop.

No i dont have any issues with Apple/Mac users other than the fact that I find a lot of them in denial. I think Apple is a great product for kids and senior citizens because of its super friendly user interface but not the best product for a working woman like me who blogs on the go and uses Microsoft Office heavily (opening and editing such documents on the mobile phone).

What i do miss about Apple/Mac is the interface and the beautiful exterior design. Other than that, its really a good riddance.

Here's wishing that one day Apple/Mac will 'open' up.

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