Monday, October 28, 2013

Indonesian Singer Kris Dayanti - Menghitung Hari

OK, for some reasons I've been feeling a bit emo since last Saturday night's karaoke session with the girls. 

 I love poetries, people who love poetries, music, making music (ya - I'm not going to say I play the tambourine, triangle or castanets. Yes - I  REALLY DO bang the piano, bang harder the drums and know a strum or two on the guitar), I love to sing and I love languages in general.

So it's only no surprise I love singing (attempt to) and listening to songs in different languages - Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien (OK thats a dialect), Cantonese (that's another dialect), Hindi, French, Spanish and Italian.  

I feel that every single language has very different ways of expressing feelings or describing things - and when translated in another language, it loses its beauty..... lost in translation, so they say. 

Of late, this song in Malay has been on my mind. It's titled "Menghitung Hari" and it's sung/performed by Indonesian singer Kris Dayanti.
(I've provided the English translation for those who don't understand the Malay language).

Menghitung hari detik demi detik (counting the days, moment by moment)

Masa ku nanti asa kan ada (the time I'm waiting for will be there)

Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang (a storyline, a long tale)

Menghitung hari (counting the days)

Padamkan saja kobar asmaramu (just put out your flames of passion/desire)

Jika putih itu tak kan ada (if there is no truth)

Yang aku minta tulus hatimu (what I ask is your sincerity)

Bukan puitis (not pretense) 

Pergi saja cintamu pergi (just let go your love, away)

Bilang saja pada semua (just tell everyone)

Biar semua tahu adanya (let everyone know of its existence)

Diriku kini sendiri (now I'm all left alone)

- Kris Dayanti

Seriously, the English translation do absolutely no justice to the original meaning of the lyrics in Malay. 

Not only am I blown away by the lyrics.... but, also by the melody itself. 
Here, listen to it.

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