Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Roof, Stratosphere @ First Avenue Bandar Utama

  I was invited to the pre-launch of The Roof, Stratosphere at First Avenue Bandar Utama. As the name suggests, The Roof is located at the rooftop of office building First Avenue. For starters, I've had a hard time explaining to my colleagues the exact location of First Avenue - with all of them thinking it's One World Hotel -_-

First Avenue houses offices such as Schlumberge, Paypal and Ebay just to start of with. On its right is the famous One Utama Shopping Centre and on its left, IBM and KPMG towers. Just to clear the air...

Air... The Roof is an open air/helipad bar located at the SKY level (or in other words, the highest level) of First Avenue. I'll let the pictures do a bit of talking...

Upon arriving at level SKY, that's not it! You've got to take a little old-fashioned kinda elevator up to the HELIPAD by pressing and holding down the HELIPAD BUTTON as pictured above. (the elevator being an alternative to a long flight of stairs - trust me on this, girls, you WILL want to take the elevator in heels!)

Oohh.. and most importantly, if you are planning on taking the elevator in a dress or skirt, make sure you sit at the retractable seat provided in the elevator or you try your level best to cover up your panties - like if it's a long dress, chuck all the material between your legs LOL because your sweet pink colored lacey panties can be seen by horny men (er... or women!) below who take the stairs.

I also kinda got stuck in the elevator and because it was my first time taking this, I did freak out a bit!

Once you've reached the Helipad, you'll realize that the little hassle you took coming up here is all well worth it!

The scenic view of Bandar Utama, The Curve and nearby PJ areas can be seen crystal clear from The Roof. Oh not forgetting the KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers too. I sure know the best spot to watch fireworks in KL now - yes, without having to get stuck in the jam all the way to KL on New Years Eve!

That's the awesome yours truly with an awesome view as the background.

Yours truly yet again camwhoring on that windy night high up at The Roof.

Yep, that's the Jessicat and I!

And when the hour struck 9 PM, they lighted up the skies with beautiful pyrotechnics that lasted a good minute or so!

At SKY level, the owners of The Roof @ Stratosphere thought it's a great idea to have a Sports Bar concept so at the SKY Level, one will find ALL in ONE HOUSE.

I do not have further information on the other bar concepts at SKY Level because the rest of it are still undergoing renovation.

Now, the purpose of The Roof inviting media and bloggers to the pre launch of The Roof Stratosphere (other than marketing purposes or social media awareness) is of course, getting honest feedback.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Although it may be the perfect place for partners who wish to cheat on one another, it is a bit too dark at The Roof and may make socializing or mingling around a tad bit diffcult. Oh, and it doesnt make for great pictures too! 

2) Because the entire area is covered in real grass, it isn't heels friendly for women. Neither is it sexy to go there in flats, yeah, so something should be done about this.

3)  Please make the elevator panties-peeping proof! And do maintain and fix the elevator or have someone in there permanently ferrying people please!

4) There NEEDS to be a toilet at The Roof and not having to use the flight of stairs or take the elevator down for a pee or a shit.

5) If it rains.... how?

The Roof, Stratosphere opens to the public on 1st November 2013 onwards.



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