Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Things My Mother Said to Me as a Kid

  My Asian friends who were brought up in Asia will know that Asian parents take parenting to the "next level". I can assure you that Russell Peters sure wasn't joking when he talked about Asian parents.

  I'll tell you the 10 things my mother said to me (and had it on repeat) when I was a kid.

1) The left over rice on my plate signifies the pimples that will be on my future boyfriend's face.
Needless to say, I finish every grain of rice in vain and made sure I left not a single grain of rice. 
Is mum's theory accurate? We'll find out in due time.

2) Eat more vegetables so that pimples will not grow on the face.
Again maybe mummy was right. I love vegetables and my skin is almost flawless. Thank God.

3) Never point at the moon because if I do,  the moon will cut my ears when I'm asleep.
To date, I have no bloody idea why she would tell me such a thing. There doesn't seem to be a logic there no matter how hard I try to reason with it.

4) I shouldn't cut nails at night because ghost will come find me.
Then i guess nail parlours at shopping malls are constantly swamped by ghosts too, not only bitches lol!

5) Dont play music or songs at night because ghost will come haunt me too.
I should have told them then they are kinda like ghosts too going to bars and pubs when I was younger.

6) If I am naughty, a police man will catch me.... Well, mummy, if I'm naughty now, they will still catch me... the only difference here  is the definition of 'naughty'. Lol.

7) I will be reminded about starving kids in Africa whenever I dont finish my food.
Whenever that happens, I always thought how lucky are those children who do not have to eat LOL! But there was also another part of me who wished I could teleport food over to those kids who DO wish to eat.

8) Dont stand with your body bend and with your head between your legs... u will see ghost...
I dont know about sighting ghost but nowadays, the owner of that pair of legs I'll  put my head between will be extremely pleased with me. lol.

9)  My teeth will fall off one by one if I have sweets or chocolates .
I just wish they had mention diabetes too and the real life effect and inconvenience it will have on a person.

10) If I break anything in the shop, I'll have to be locked up in the shop for a night... or worse, taken to a police station where they will lock me up!

Looking back, my parents seem to enjoy freaking the bejezuz out of me! I just wished they had talked to me like an adult and made me feel a twee bit more important and less of a bimbo - like how I communicate with my little niece, the 4-years old Natasha who teared up when she's being told the story of the lost mouse in The American Tale. I have great conversations with her these days, I really do... and unsurprisingly, this is how I see myself raising my future kids too.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Better Left Said

Came across this one while scrolling through Facebook newsfeed.

Can't think of another way this can be better said.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Ten I'm Thankful For

So I came across a Facebook post of my friend stating how thankful she is to God for both the bad and good that has happened to her.
I clicked the 'like' button because i thought her post was sweet and really good of her to see beyond her miseries.
And then i came across an article on Huffington Post stating that one of the best ways to release stress and unwind is to write down things you are grateful for. People who think about the good things happening to them and less of the bad things are people who are more often than not, happier and have a more positive approach in life which eventually lead to a better outcome in whatever they do.
So anyway, i thought to myself; let's come out with 10 things i'm truly grateful for. Let's start....
Dear God....
1) Thank you for making me believe in Your existence. I'm happier believing in a supreme power (power: the maker of the universe and my creator) than being an atheist.
2) Thank you for surrounding me with genuine friends who are always there for me for my ups and downs and know when to pull the brakes for me when i go crazy. And give me good advise all the time.
3) Thank you for having me met him.
4) Thank you for the face you've given me. No i dont think im gorgeous but what i meant is that it could have been worse... being a chinese, i really want to thank You for my nose....
5) Thank you for keeping me safe and sound all these years. Please continue to do so.
6) Thank you for giving me a good job, a good boss and the many great opportunities at work and in my personal life.
7) Thank you for enabling me to meet my basic needs - the right to education, electric supply, food and water, aircond, samsung tv and a smartphone and a cool laptop, etc......
8) Thank you for retarded family members who nevertheless always have my best interest at heart and love me.
9) Thank you for making me normal and healthy with very minor defects.
10) Thank you for turning me into a strong woman... character wise and emotionally. My friends and I are quite often amazed at how i handle real-life stressful situations (and i dont mean anything work-related at all!). I honestly won't be able to pull through without the knowledge of Your existence in my life.
I love you,  O God, and I'm truly thankful... from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Man Divorces and Sues Wife Over Plastic Surgery....

.... and af

ter three kids, that is!!

So... if you haven't heard of the man who sued his wife over the plastic surgery procedures she went through.. well, you can say you heard it here first.

A Chinese man divorced and then sued his ex-wife for giving birth to what he called an extremely ugly baby girl, the Irish Times reported.

Initially, Jian Feng accused his wife of infidelity, so sure that he could never father an unattractive child.

When a DNA test proved that the baby was his, Feng’s wife came clean on a little secret — before they met, she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery in South Korea.

Feng sued his ex-wife on the grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him about the plastic surgery and duping him into thinking she was beautiful, The Huffington Post reported.

The kicker? He won. A judge agreed with Feng’s argument and ordered his ex-wife to fork over $120,000.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”


Uhm... when I first heard of this news (without seeing the above pic), I thought the man was ridiculously stupid for divorcing and suing his wife over ugly kids - kids who are 50% made from him!!

But after reading the news article and looking at the picture above of the entire family I could only derive these few statements...

1) Wait...the guy is quite ridiculously good looking for a Chinese man... has he had some nips and tucks too?

2) If the guy REALLY looks like that... shouldn't there be a slight bit of salvation for his kids too? I mean come on... at least one of the kids?

3)  Dude, why wait till three kids to sue?

4) Spending USD 100K on cosmetic surgery alone will enable one to restructure the entire face (possibly to even look like someone else!).. yes, the woman should at the very least be honest and upfront about her history of plastic surgeries to her husband before marrying him.
For example, I am a sucker for men with sharp facial features (particularly high nose bridge) and I'm sorry but I wouldn't be happy marrying a man with high nose bridge only to find out (after three kids!) that he initially had a flat nose. I would be mad and probably go on to damage his plastic nose. I kid you not.
Bottomline, honesty is ALWAYS the BEST policy with me. I can't say for other women but yes, it works with me.

5)  Assuming the kids still look the way they do when they are older - I reckon a minor fix of nose bridge and an eyelid surgery is enough - but they'd better make sure they inform their partners of it prior to marriage, LOL!

6) I abhor people who's had nips, tucks, surgery done to themselves and not admit it - oh puhhlease bitch... you do no justice to my original God-given nose!! Lol.

It's 10.05am Malaysian time  (GMT +8) and I've yet to sleep... yeap, stayed up the entire night... can't tell if it was the Starbucks Christmas Special Toffee Nut Frapucinno or ghost stories or extreme lethargy or headache or worrying or... whatever it is that's keeping me up.... Please leave me alone I beg of you....

Eyebrows: embroidery + drawn with eyebrow pencil
Eyes: natural with coloured contact lenses + slight eye make up
Face shape: original 
Chin: original
Cheekbones: Original
Hair: Original 


UPDATE: The image of the family used above is that of an advertisement and not of the family mentioned in the article. Also, some news sources are saying that this entire story is fake. Despite all, my two cents worth changes not.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marriage Isn't For Me

It's another one of those sleepless nights when my chance of stumbling across a great, meaningful article online is high - and boy did I on one tonight.
This... is one hell of a bloody good read. Or I wouldn't be sharing it on my blog, would I?

Title: Marriage Isn't For Me
Having been married only a year and a half, I've recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn't for me.

Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading.

I met my wife in high school when we were 15 years old. We were friends for 10 years until... until we decided no longer wanted to be just friends. I strongly recommend that best friends fall in love. Good times will be had by all.

Nevertheless, falling in love with my best friend did not prevent me from having certain fears and anxieties about getting married. The nearer Kim and I approached the decision to marry, the more I was filled with a paralyzing fear. Was I ready? Was I making the right choice? Was Kim the right person to marry? Would she make me happy?

Then, one fateful night, I shared these thoughts and concerns with my dad.

Perhaps each of us have moments in our lives when it feels like time slows down or the air becomes still and everything around us seems to draw in, marking that moment as one we will never forget.

My dad giving his response to my concerns was such a moment for me. With a knowing smile he said, "Seth, you're being totally selfish. So I'm going to make this really simple: marriage isn't for you. You don't marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone else happy. More than that, your marriage isn't for yourself, you're marrying for a family. Not just for the in-laws and all of that nonsense, but for your future children. Who do you want to help you raise them? Who do you want to influence them? Marriage isn't for you. It's not about you. Marriage is about the person you married."

It was in that very moment that I knew that Kim was the right person to marry. I realized that I wanted to make her happy; to see her smile every day, to make her laugh every day. I wanted to be a part of her family, and my family wanted her to be a part of ours. And thinking back on all the times I had seen her play with my nieces, I knew that she was the one with whom I wanted to build our own family.

My father's advice was both shocking and revelatory. It went against the grain of today's "Walmart philosophy", which is if it doesn't make you happy, you can take it back and get a new one.

No, a true marriage (and true love) is never about you. It's about the person you love--their wants, their needs, their hopes, and their dreams. Selfishness demands, "What's in it for me?" while Love asks, "What can I give?"

Some time ago, my wife showed me what it means to love selflessly. For many months, my heart had been hardening with a mixture of fear and resentment. Then, after the pressure had built up to where neither of us could stand it, emotions erupted. I was callous. I was selfish.

But instead of matching my selfishness, Kim did something beyond wonderful -- she showed an outpouring of love. Laying aside all of the pain and anguish I had caused her, she lovingly took me in her arms and soothed my soul.

Marriage is about family.

I realized that I had forgotten my dad's advice. While Kim's side of the marriage had been to love me, my side of the marriage had become all about me. This awful realization brought me to tears, and I promised my wife that I would try to be better.

To all who are reading this article -- married, almost married, single, or even the sworn bachelor or bachelorette -- I want you to know that marriage isn't for you. No true relationship of love is for you. Love is about the person you love.

And, paradoxically, the more you truly love that person, the more love you receive. And not just from your significant other, but from their friends and their family and thousands of others you never would have met had your love remained self-centered.

Truly, love and marriage isn't for you. It's for others.

Many times, I've seen first hand both boyfriends and girlfriends, heck even husbands and wives cheating on each other. Each time, my mind will be filled with questions and my heart with fear and doubts - fear if my future partner would cheat on me and doubt - if I can remain forever faithful to my future partner. 
I guess, as I mature with age, the answer becomes somewhat clearer. And I'm truly thankful for that.

Ahem. And in case you're wondering, yeap, that's yours truly in Koh Samui sometime early this year. *ahem*noshame*ahemm*

Monday, November 4, 2013


For every Don, there is that one woman. And for every woman, there is that one man..... the one that got away.

As the song lyrics goes, 'but there are things that cannot be... and there are storms we cannot weather.'

Funny how fate tangles our lives at times. It could be a click of a mouse, a random stranger passing by or even a dinner and wine date with a person you've just met... it could be with anyone, anywhere at anytime but.....

You'll never know for sure where, when and how you'll meet for the first time...

Or where, when and how you'll ever meet again.....

Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Carolina Herrera Store Opens in Malaysia @ Suria KLCC

 Just last Wednesday I was invited to the opening of the very first Carolina Herrera store ever in Malaysia, at, of course, Suria KLCC.

  I brought Amanda Liu along with me because she's a huge fan of CH and seems to know quite a bit of CH and its concept.

above: (L) Amanda Liu and (R) yours truly..
Yes, I REALLY DO hate standing next to her! 

Unlike Amanda, I didn't know much about Carolina Herrera prior to this store opening. Oh yes, of course I've heard of the brand and its famous "212 SEXY" perfume but I had little knowledge on CH's style sense, etc.

Upon entering the store, my eyes went straight to the bags - no prizes for guessing that I'm a bag person.  

There were just a little under 70 guests that were invited. 
Guest list included ex Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry.

If I were to judge a brand by its bags, I would say Carolina Herrera is a good mix of colours, contemporary with a slight sprinkle of funkiness without at all going over the top. 
p/s: Amanda and I loved the studded bag as pictured above.  
It's priced at about RM 9500++.

Like its bags, Carolina Herrera's clothings do have a slight twist of funk to it with little pops of surprises here and there, in the form of jewelries.
 Imagine: Karen Millen with a funky touch to it! 

 Here are some pictures of the mini fashion show that took place on that night:


I can totally picture myself in this, working in a law firm LOLOLOLOL!

Little chocolate macaroons with CH printed on it.
Classy much, although having a sweet tooth still fail to make me understand the thrills of putting a macaroon in to one's mouth? To me the entire thing is made out of sugar and there's really no taste to it other than it being sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. 

Ahh now some Red Velvet with the CH logo printed on the chocolate pieces too!

And then.... comes... the mother of love above all love (lol does that even make sense!).... ACCESSORIES!!!

Now if Mommy were to accompany me to this Carolina Herrera's event, one of the bags and one of the rings (pictured above) would have been mine. Tee hee.

The scarves which seem like a picture that's already been Instagram-ed. LOL.

Those chicly-gorgeous bangles for the modern day woman. OOOoohhh!

Last but not the least, the gift bag. 
Amanda and I was playing the guessing game as to what lies inside it.
She guessed a piece of scarf.
I guessed a leather pocket tissue holder.

We were both happy to be proven wrong.
In it lies a gorgeous little off-white in colour leather bag.

Yes, I can hear you.
I, too, screamed awesome.
And as if the little gorgeous leather bag wasn't enough... 
we found this little piece of love letter in there too...

I don't have much to say but just this: