Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Things My Mother Said to Me as a Kid

  My Asian friends who were brought up in Asia will know that Asian parents take parenting to the "next level". I can assure you that Russell Peters sure wasn't joking when he talked about Asian parents.

  I'll tell you the 10 things my mother said to me (and had it on repeat) when I was a kid.

1) The left over rice on my plate signifies the pimples that will be on my future boyfriend's face.
Needless to say, I finish every grain of rice in vain and made sure I left not a single grain of rice. 
Is mum's theory accurate? We'll find out in due time.

2) Eat more vegetables so that pimples will not grow on the face.
Again maybe mummy was right. I love vegetables and my skin is almost flawless. Thank God.

3) Never point at the moon because if I do,  the moon will cut my ears when I'm asleep.
To date, I have no bloody idea why she would tell me such a thing. There doesn't seem to be a logic there no matter how hard I try to reason with it.

4) I shouldn't cut nails at night because ghost will come find me.
Then i guess nail parlours at shopping malls are constantly swamped by ghosts too, not only bitches lol!

5) Dont play music or songs at night because ghost will come haunt me too.
I should have told them then they are kinda like ghosts too going to bars and pubs when I was younger.

6) If I am naughty, a police man will catch me.... Well, mummy, if I'm naughty now, they will still catch me... the only difference here  is the definition of 'naughty'. Lol.

7) I will be reminded about starving kids in Africa whenever I dont finish my food.
Whenever that happens, I always thought how lucky are those children who do not have to eat LOL! But there was also another part of me who wished I could teleport food over to those kids who DO wish to eat.

8) Dont stand with your body bend and with your head between your legs... u will see ghost...
I dont know about sighting ghost but nowadays, the owner of that pair of legs I'll  put my head between will be extremely pleased with me. lol.

9)  My teeth will fall off one by one if I have sweets or chocolates .
I just wish they had mention diabetes too and the real life effect and inconvenience it will have on a person.

10) If I break anything in the shop, I'll have to be locked up in the shop for a night... or worse, taken to a police station where they will lock me up!

Looking back, my parents seem to enjoy freaking the bejezuz out of me! I just wished they had talked to me like an adult and made me feel a twee bit more important and less of a bimbo - like how I communicate with my little niece, the 4-years old Natasha who teared up when she's being told the story of the lost mouse in The American Tale. I have great conversations with her these days, I really do... and unsurprisingly, this is how I see myself raising my future kids too.

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