Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Carolina Herrera Store Opens in Malaysia @ Suria KLCC

 Just last Wednesday I was invited to the opening of the very first Carolina Herrera store ever in Malaysia, at, of course, Suria KLCC.

  I brought Amanda Liu along with me because she's a huge fan of CH and seems to know quite a bit of CH and its concept.

above: (L) Amanda Liu and (R) yours truly..
Yes, I REALLY DO hate standing next to her! 

Unlike Amanda, I didn't know much about Carolina Herrera prior to this store opening. Oh yes, of course I've heard of the brand and its famous "212 SEXY" perfume but I had little knowledge on CH's style sense, etc.

Upon entering the store, my eyes went straight to the bags - no prizes for guessing that I'm a bag person.  

There were just a little under 70 guests that were invited. 
Guest list included ex Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry.

If I were to judge a brand by its bags, I would say Carolina Herrera is a good mix of colours, contemporary with a slight sprinkle of funkiness without at all going over the top. 
p/s: Amanda and I loved the studded bag as pictured above.  
It's priced at about RM 9500++.

Like its bags, Carolina Herrera's clothings do have a slight twist of funk to it with little pops of surprises here and there, in the form of jewelries.
 Imagine: Karen Millen with a funky touch to it! 

 Here are some pictures of the mini fashion show that took place on that night:


I can totally picture myself in this, working in a law firm LOLOLOLOL!

Little chocolate macaroons with CH printed on it.
Classy much, although having a sweet tooth still fail to make me understand the thrills of putting a macaroon in to one's mouth? To me the entire thing is made out of sugar and there's really no taste to it other than it being sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet. 

Ahh now some Red Velvet with the CH logo printed on the chocolate pieces too!

And then.... comes... the mother of love above all love (lol does that even make sense!).... ACCESSORIES!!!

Now if Mommy were to accompany me to this Carolina Herrera's event, one of the bags and one of the rings (pictured above) would have been mine. Tee hee.

The scarves which seem like a picture that's already been Instagram-ed. LOL.

Those chicly-gorgeous bangles for the modern day woman. OOOoohhh!

Last but not the least, the gift bag. 
Amanda and I was playing the guessing game as to what lies inside it.
She guessed a piece of scarf.
I guessed a leather pocket tissue holder.

We were both happy to be proven wrong.
In it lies a gorgeous little off-white in colour leather bag.

Yes, I can hear you.
I, too, screamed awesome.
And as if the little gorgeous leather bag wasn't enough... 
we found this little piece of love letter in there too...

I don't have much to say but just this:


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