Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Ten I'm Thankful For

So I came across a Facebook post of my friend stating how thankful she is to God for both the bad and good that has happened to her.
I clicked the 'like' button because i thought her post was sweet and really good of her to see beyond her miseries.
And then i came across an article on Huffington Post stating that one of the best ways to release stress and unwind is to write down things you are grateful for. People who think about the good things happening to them and less of the bad things are people who are more often than not, happier and have a more positive approach in life which eventually lead to a better outcome in whatever they do.
So anyway, i thought to myself; let's come out with 10 things i'm truly grateful for. Let's start....
Dear God....
1) Thank you for making me believe in Your existence. I'm happier believing in a supreme power (power: the maker of the universe and my creator) than being an atheist.
2) Thank you for surrounding me with genuine friends who are always there for me for my ups and downs and know when to pull the brakes for me when i go crazy. And give me good advise all the time.
3) Thank you for having me met him.
4) Thank you for the face you've given me. No i dont think im gorgeous but what i meant is that it could have been worse... being a chinese, i really want to thank You for my nose....
5) Thank you for keeping me safe and sound all these years. Please continue to do so.
6) Thank you for giving me a good job, a good boss and the many great opportunities at work and in my personal life.
7) Thank you for enabling me to meet my basic needs - the right to education, electric supply, food and water, aircond, samsung tv and a smartphone and a cool laptop, etc......
8) Thank you for retarded family members who nevertheless always have my best interest at heart and love me.
9) Thank you for making me normal and healthy with very minor defects.
10) Thank you for turning me into a strong woman... character wise and emotionally. My friends and I are quite often amazed at how i handle real-life stressful situations (and i dont mean anything work-related at all!). I honestly won't be able to pull through without the knowledge of Your existence in my life.
I love you,  O God, and I'm truly thankful... from the bottom of my heart.

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