Sunday, December 29, 2013

Goodbye 2013!!

  So, it's the second last day of year 2013. It wasn't a fantastic 2013 because mummy is still battling cancer when the entire family thought she has gone in to remission. We are all still holding on and strong; believing in this man called Jesus Christ to heal her completely of cancer. If you'd ask me, I would say, I don't think it's impossible.

  Other than mummy battling cancer with countless trips to the hospital, it was an OK year overall - with an equal balance of ups and downs. Having said all that, I don't plan to brag or rant about my life events. What I plan and intend to do in this blog post... is to thank every single one of these people below who have been nothing but extremely helpful and sweet to me; having my back and my best interest in their hearts all these while and throughout the year.

Firstly, I would like to thank every one of my family members who have been extremely supportive all these while and for being the ones I could definitely turned to when in need/trouble. Dad, mum, bro, sister, cousins, aunties, godmum.... thank you all.

They sometimes say that blood is thicker than water... but sometimes, friends can be equally as great as family members.

(in no particular order).....

I would like to thank Josh Lim for being a great boss - he has been super understanding and very considerate towards me. Never hesitating to guide me in every aspects of my life -  from opinion about men to work related stuff!! This is one person whom I can turn to in need and I'll gladly do the very same for him.

My best friend of 12 years. She's seen it all. She is probably (so far) the ONLY person who knows the REAL me at the moment. (I can say she knows me 95%).
Almost never physically here with me but have never failed to be with me in spirit - wherever I am - or wherever she may be.
Soul mates with very different tastes in things but understands each other and weirdly, shares the very same life values.
She's like my kidneys. Always filtering out the bad people or negative influences in my life.

My babydoll who lives very near me, who depends on me for transport when we meet and who wont hesitate to give me a tight slap on my face if I'm not behaving or if I get an ugly hairstyle.
This is one girl who is ALWAYS honest about her opinions when with me and who knows and understands my character and the stuff I like.
Did I also mention that she constantly showers me me lavish stuff?
But that's not why I love her. I love her because she will do almost anything for me and she's always up for it.
This is one quality that most people can only dream about in a friend.

Chuan Mei, Feebz and Zingi are friends who will have to put up with my shit and nonsense every alternate days or so. They are my super close friends who I regularly meet (OK, fine, I admit.. every weekend... and sometimes, alternate days!) and have to put up with my constant bitching and ungrateful whining about all things concerning me. These are the people who I can look at and say "I'm sexy and I know it"... and dance around cladded in just grandma-like undies and a bra that doesn't match.
You got my point.

These two monkeys were very close to me and somehow decided to completely abandon me early this year to find money in Thailand.
They felt sorry for abandoning me and so they played host to me when I was in Samui somewhere mid of this year. LOL.
Again, these are friends I can shamelessly give a call to and ask for help.
I love them. Not sure if they love me back but just as long as I can save up on hotel when I'm in Thailand............

I also would like to thank all the models who were involved in the launch showcase of my bikini line Siren by Rosalyn which was held during my birthday party. They are Cassandra, Miko, Celeste, Audrey, Amanda, Stephanie.
Olivia Shyan, thanks a bunch for agreeing to almost anything I ask favour of =) I always have your back, you know that!!

On another note, I also want to say a huge thank you to a certain Linoy Thomas (I hope you're reading this!) who has been an incredible mentor to me for the past year and a half... your opinions have and always will matter to me.
From the bottom of my heart, xie xie sifu and/or shukriya guruji (whichever you prefer).

Last but not the least..
"Thank you" will not be sufficient to this wonderful man who has been my backbone, my source of inspiration and my driving force...
Devam Das. 

2014 will be a good year for me, for sure.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nocturnal Beauty Regime

 I'm doing this blog post specially for those of you who had messaged me; asking about my beauty/skin care regime.
My answer is that when it comes to skin care or a beauty regime, well, I always try to keep it as simple as I can reason being I'm an inconsistent, lazy woman ... and of course, rubbing too many chemicals (regardless of how much that particular product claims that it's natural!! oh come, you can't be THAT naive?) on my face is not exactly my cup of chai.

Ever since childhood my mum has told me that for a girl, it's very important that she takes good care of her hair because it is every female's crowning glory. The other next important thing which my mum took care very well of (and insist I do the same with mine!) was her face - her skin, in particular. She now looks like she's in her mid 50's despite being in her mid 60's.

OK, let's move on to my night beauty regime.

1) Face Moisturizer.

This is a no brainer especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room.
 I CANNOT go on for more than two nights without this.

I use: Dr Faizal Anwar's DrF Formula whitening moisturizer.

This moisturizer which I use nightly is formulated by one of Malaysia's renown plastic surgeon, Dr Faizal Anwar  (yes, unlike many self-claimed plastic surgeons who are just up for making a quick buck or two, Dr Faizal Anwar is a QUALIFIED DOCTOR and I HIGHLY recommend him as a skin doctor/plastic surgeon - if needed!; check out his profile here). 
The awesomeness about this moisturizer is that if you have oily skin, it will work to reduce the oil and if you have dry skin, it will moisturize it. It works well for combination skin too of course!
This particular moisturizer aims to BALANCE out your skin and it suitable for most skin type. 
(surprise, surprise, my skin is SUPER sensitive!)

2) Eyelash Serum.

The use of eyelash curler, glue of false lashes, eyelash extensions and mascara is bound to stress your lashes out! Hence, before I hit the sack, I apply this:

Mavala Eyelash serum

I apply it to my top and bottom lashes and I SWEAR after few nights of applying, I do see a difference... my lashes actually do look longer and healthier. I know I sound like an ad, but I get NOTHING for promoting this serum. It truly works for me, it's as simple as that!
Apparently, this Swiss brand was founded by a man whose wife accidentally burnt her lashes and lost quite a bit of it - and voila, he came out with a whole range of lash products which worked for his wife - and now, me! =)
I don't  know where else this can be found other than in Sasa outlets Malaysia.

3) Eye cream.

Body Shop's Shiso Eye Serum

OK, so many skin doctors don't really believe in creams that claim it'll be able to remove dark circles. However, this one does work for me a bit! No harm trying it out, you!

4) Nail and Cuticle Oil.

OK, so it's almost pointless if a product claims to contain Vitamin E in it because let's face it... a lot of the food we consume daily does have Vitamin E. Having said all that, I still think it's quite necessary to keep your nails and cuticles looking healthy and moisturize; manicured or not and especially if you spen
5) Almond Oil.
Forget combing your hair 100 times nightly - if I were to do that, I'll be bald in no time! Very recently, Devam Das introduced me to - what I call - a miracle in a bottle! The miracle is none other than the awesome smelling almond oil for the hair. It's not too sticky or oily. The boy even puts in on his hair each time before leaving the house.. but I... I prefer to have it on my hair ends and scalp as a hair treatment before going to bed. The boy buys it for me from India but I'm not too sure where about can this be obtain here in Malaysia...
6) Body Lotion. 

Now that you have your face, nails and cuticles, hair and even the eye area moisturize... what's next??
Your entire body, of course!!!
No I'm not Marilyn Monroe who wore only Chanel N5 to sleep and neither am I paid at all in any form by Chanel but if there's one body lotion I highly recommend - it'll be this. The texture is creamy and rich enough (not too greasy!) to keep your skin moisturize the entire night, even with the air conditioner turned on at top speed! Again, I don't mean to sound like a typical ad, but this lotion WILL leave your skin feeling as soft as a baby's. I've did a short review about it here, years ago... so yeah!
That wraps up the products I use every night before getting my beauty sleep... feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email for any feedback. I'm happy to share good stuff or useful information, anytime and I hope you'll do the same!