Friday, January 31, 2014

My New Obsession - with Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair

  So, I have done a few head-to-toe genuinely unpaid beauty products review here and here and have even done one specifically about a facial product which you can read more about here but I have never once talk about the next most important physical feature in a female (the most important being the face and most women would agree of course)... the crowning glory as my mum would put it, the hair.

From my other product reviews I did mentioned a few hair products which I've been pleased with and this blog post is of a range of hair products which I would like to add to my "products-I'm-pleased-with-list".

Dove. I started using Dove body shower (a good 15 years ago) and have always loved the intense moisture it leaves on the skin after shower (the scent too!) so when Dove came up with products for the hair - I was quite sceptical. A brand that sells and focuses so heavily on SKIN care definitely can't come out with a super great product for the HAIR - or can they?

On the first week of December, I was invited as a guest blogger to review the Dove Hair product range. Free stuff to try out... why not go, right?

A representative from Dove giving an introduction to their hair product range.

Another representative from Dove showing us a hands on experiment on how breakage of the hair happens with normal shampoo and how it almost doesn't happen with hair that uses the New Dove Intense Repair which boasts of 10x Stronger hair against damage.
We'll see about that.
Sure, other than the talks on the products, experiments, Q&A's, etc... we were given other things to do too.....

getting into groups and playing this block game

 having FOOOD!!! It was awesome vegetarian food (so awesome I didn't know it was vegetarian at first!).

I also took the opportunity to (ahem, duh!) camwhore.

with myself.

and with beauty blogger Kelly Chin.
I was given this full set of Dove Hair Therapy to try on and write a review.
(it consists of - from Left to Right - a small toiletry bag, Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner, Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream and Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner.)

I did not write a review on it... until now, reason being I wanted to see the effect (or no effect) it'll have on my hair. After all, it boasts that the product REPAIRS HAIR AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL WITH KERATIN REPAIR ACTIVES TO HELP PREVENT SPLIT ENDS and BREAKAGE.
Heehee... I was so sceptical about the product I just had to try it out the very night I got it.

Both pictures were taken on 21st December 2013 - after 2 weeks or so of using the Dove Intense Repair.
To my amazement, hair looked shinnier and silkier than ever... and seemed to also be... more alive.
I took this review to the next level - I took it to India where I spent another 2 weeks in a 2 degree Celsius Himalayas mountain area environment where it was snowing. Winter can make the hair really dry (especially the ends!).
However, yours truly's hair stayed silkily and may I add, unbelievably smooth throughout my winter holiday.
You be the judge.

These pictures below were taken 2 weeks ago after my return from India.

And who says the silkiness and smoothness of my hair is limited only to when I style my hair straight?
Here's me in big curls and loads of hair spray.. and heyyy, my hair STILL look gorgeous and yes it doesn't break even when I try to comb it after styling it!
(My hair usually suffers breakage when I try to comb it the first wash after styling).

Just a few disclaimers to make...
This Dove Hair Therapy wasn't a paid review therefore I'm not pressured (and will never be - for other products too!) in to writing a review that's anything but honest.
I am VERY particular when it comes to beauty products of what work for me and what don't and there's just NO WAY I will recommend anybody any products UNLESS the particular product is REALLY good - (from my experience of using it).
I'm now in love with Dove's hair therapy product as much as I was in love with their Dove Body Shower when it was first launched.
No harm trying it out on your hair, however damaged it may be. Really!
(I used to think my hair is beyond redemption, LOL!)


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