Monday, February 17, 2014

Cream - A Shopping App

Nope.. despite the name, it's got nothing to do with ice-cream or any dairy products for that matter!

I love eating, shopping, stalking and a good bargain (oh yes, I'm not hopelessly a sucker for branded goods - I do love a good bargain anywhere, anytime!).

I just came across this particular app called CREAM, couple of weeks ago. It allows you to share your shopping hauls, location of where the 'damage to the pocket' was done and of course, if you've got it at a good deal or not!!

You can even ask your followers/friends on CREAM if they thought your buy is a good deal or not - and.. sure, you can stalk their buys and comment on it too!

Get CREAM today at your Playstore or iStore (im not sure if its applicable for iphones yet - but no harm trying!). Alternatively, you can download it at and FOLLOW ME ON CREAM @ rosalyntan. I will be sure to stalk you and your shopping hauls right back! ;)

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