Friday, April 18, 2014

Muugu Garden Bistro Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  I have never stepped in to a restaurant that made my mind work this much. Here's why.

Yeap, you've got my point.
It's a beautiful blend of minimalist and a slight tweak of oriental-ism, topped generously with class. 

I took about 40 minutes looking for this place because it is hidden right smack in Jalan Jati, OFF Jalan Bukit Bintang - you surely can't get any closer to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, with this location!

That's the main entrance of Muugu from which a big lawn can be seen - perfect for a private function or an intimate wedding reception.

However, do not let the interior of Muugu fool you.
I'm referring to the prices of the food, of course!
My jaw literally dropped looking at the prices in the menu.
I bet yours will, too.
Check it out for yourself!

Yeaha! RM 8 for a bowl of fries
RM 15 for a glass of house pouring wine
RM 27 for the most expensive Risotto on the menu that comes with a pan-fried snapper fish
RM 35 for a plate of Braised Lamb Shank

And as if that's not enough...
The lunch set comes at the normal menu price for the main course but along with it, you'll get a bowl of soup of the day and pick your choice from a few selection of drinks.

That's a very excited yours truly awaiting her food.
Glorious food.

And glorious it was!
That is a very delicious Truffle Fries sprinkled with goodness-only-muugu-knows that costed me just RM8!!

Opting for a healthy option *ahembecausesomethingiscomingupnextyearahem*,
this is the Risotto Pesto Pan-Fried Glorious Snapper.
OK, I added the glorious there. But it was!
Damage to pocket?? Wait for it...
only RM 27.

As for my partner, he is a lamb-eater who is extremely hard to please because according to him, his mother makes the best mutton in the world. He also told me that the best mutton should have a soft texture, soft enough that when you sink your teeth in it, a little juice gushes out and the meat just kind of like melts in your mouth.Oh, and that the mutton shouldn't have a pungent smell to it.
His verdict on this Braised Lamb Shank that costed him just RM35??
By far the best Lamb Shank he has ever tried in Malaysia!!
(He claims its goodbye-secret-recipe-lanbshank)

Me and my plate of food.
Kinda felt disturbed having to take a picture while I'm eating.
Nothing comes in between me and my food.

That is a glass of Strawberry Granita..
A home made strawberry goodness by Muugu that will just set you back by RM9!!

A closer look....

Another closer look...

A look inside the glass...
The taste? Beyond awesome.
Dessert orgasm I say!!

And oh-em-gee... the next one....
I... just can't... you know.. describe...
OK. I will summarize it in 5 words.
It. Melts. In. The. Mouth.
That's all I can say...
Goodbye, overpriced-alexis-tiramisu!

I repeat, it just melts..... in the mouth...
And when it melts in the mouth...
You can taste the coffee powder, cream, soft texture of cake, slight sweetness all well blended together.... 
to give you thaat ouhhh.....

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Muugu to any self-respecting Foodie who is always on the lookout for delicious food.
Fine dine in Muugu at a price that won't empty your wallet.

Make your reservations at:

Restaurant Muugu Garden Bistro, Bar and Grill
32 Jalan Jati, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
60 3-2110 360
Instagram: @muugubistro

Drop me an email at: with your reviews (url links) or just simply you opinion if you've tried Muugu.
Otherwise, when you do try it, send me an email and tell me what you think!
I'll love hearing from you foodies.

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