Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dai Dai Dong @ Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur

I call this place a hidden gem.
From the exterior, I thought to myself  "oh boy, I'm in for another chinesy cuisine again!".
Clearly, you'll see how I'll be proven wrong.

After being seated with the rest of the other food bloggers, I was served an ABC soup in a small black cup. 
ABC soup is the kind of soup that is cooked in Chinese homes in Malaysia - a comfort soup with nothing much in there really, but it tastes really good and it tastes like home.
It reminded me of my godmother and my mum for awhile =(

No thanks to the horrible haze of a Malaysian weather, I ordered a tall cup of iced herbal tea... to calm the throat. 

Ahhhh... refreshing as ever can be.

First up for the night on the menu was...
Mentaiko Hotate

It's half shell scallop with cod roe in it seasoned with butter, sake sauce, garlic, sea salt and black pepper.

I usually will not attempt to put anything too exotic in my mouth but I made an exception for this - and it was all worth it!

The 2nd one up for the night was The Supreme Beef Noodles.
It looked good and smelled really good and with all the slurping, ooshing and gushing from the other food bloggers, I concluded that this bowl of noodles was definitely worth giving a try. 

But because Audrey and I do not eat beef, we were served Supreme Pork Pepper Soup Noodles instead!

It's a very porky combination of pork ribs, Teochew pork balls, minced pork and pork belly.
The soup... was just tasty beyond words.

I just had to prove my point with this picture:

Oh yeah, and you get minced pork in one of those balls! 

The next up for the night were a series of delicious meat on sticks...

Grilled squids on the left (RM 6 each) and Fragrant Fish grilled on the right (RM 4 each)
Yeap, the food is as good as it looks on picture...
Like what the boy always tells me, "if only pixels can be eaten!"

Those who know me knows my eternal love for squid... into my mouth it went!

Bacon Enoki on the left and Bacon Tomato on the right.
Both of which reminded me of "pigs in blanket".. a typical pub food served in the UK.
RM 6 each.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon to the left (RM 6 each) and marinated scallop in yakitori sauce (RM 13 each)

On the left it's Chicken Wings marinated in sea salt and the right, marinated chicken glizzard.
RM 6 each

Yours truly's food orgasm face

Grilled Whole Japanese Squid with chopped wasabi and olive oil
RM 27

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen - a scrumptious bowl of mushrooms, bamboo shoot, pork belly, whole load of minced pork, pork ball and fresh Bok Choy. This is certainly my other comfort food. 
Rm 16

You're looking at my favourite for the night - Pan Fried Lamb Shoulder marinated in a "secret" sauce, served with a minty sauce-like dip on the side which tasted pretty extraordinary.
RM 25

Ladies and gentlemen, and the star for the night went to.....

wait for it....

 The Deep Fried Jumbo Tiger Prawns fried to perfection and seasoned in sea salt.
RM 27. 
I kid you not.

After the heavy ridiculously delicious meal, we were each served a scoop of ice cream in a little bowl. 
Mine was salted caramel flavour...

Which I wasted no time in stuffing it in the mouth...

This was all of us... the invited food bloggers...

Go ahead and get your tastebud taunted at:

Dai Dai Dong
1-37, Scott Garden
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Follow them on Instagram - @daidaidong_streetfood
Visit them on their homepage - www.daidaidong.com