Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

No, I am not going to tell you what is best to buy for your mother father brother sister boyfriend girlfriend grandmother grandather greatgrand uncle. That would just be silly - because - who knows them best if not you? And who am I to tell you what they will like, right?

So, the title of my blog post isn't really complete - and here's the completed version:

Christmas Gift Ideas - for me. Rosalyn. (*hint hint* fiance, are you reading this? LOL). Yess, I'm shamelessly at it again!

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Yours Truly

In no particular order.....

1. Button Tab Sheath Dress - available in beige and navy blue.

One dress to fit all - be it for work, a formal event or a little less formal gathering - this is one classy and elegant dress to suit them all.
RM 89.00

2. Dorothy Perkins Notch Dress

This is a slightly more formal dress - which is still absolutely suitable for work and that extra important meeting. Goes well with a belt and the shade of red is to die for.... and what better season to don on this colour if it's not Christmas, Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year? 
RM 143.00

3. Zalora Printed Off Shoulder Dress


For days when I feel like playing the demure girl-next-door. 
A suitable dress to greet the in-laws in, I say! 
RM 79.00

4. Zalora Pleated Shoulder Style Blazer

                             I could really do with a proper Blazer, really! One would have thought with 5 years of working life, I would have a proper one by now. Sadly, no.                                                                              RM 69.00

5. Zalora Padded Strap High Heels in Silver


As a woman in her mid 20's, I have less than 10 pairs of heels.
Guys, if you're reading this and you don't get it.... Ask any woman. She'll tell you it's unbelievably less.
Hence, I could do with this pair of festive silver heels this Christmas.
Plus, it also matches almost ALL my outfit, and yes, including the outfits I've listed above!
RM 79.00



6. Havaianas Slim Tropical Flip Flops

Since we're on the topic of shoes - here's another pair that I want. I know it's a little pricey for a pair of slippers and I sure do know that you can't reach Heaven just by walking with these but the colour combination just captures my eyes like no other.
RM 159.90

7.Gold Scarf Necklace


Just how can any woman in the right mind see this and not want to have this?
This is lovely with a plain white soft silk shirt.
Or with a dress - any dress!
RM 30.00 

8. Daniel Wellington Watches


Two words.... I WANTTTTT!!!!
RM 550.00

9. Tarte Pearl Eyelash Curler with Mascara

Probably the prettiest eyelash curlers I've ever seen! Helps that it comes with a mascara too!
So pretttyyy!!!
RM 99.00 

10. Parfois Shiny Clutch

After all, it's the season for glitters. And I want a small glittery bag. Gold tinted with gold chain.
RM 79.00

Go here for more gift ideas and come up with your very own wishlist... or better still, start your Christmas shopping there right away! Perhaps.. do share your wish lists with me so that we're all able to have a look at one another's items and of course, share the bargains!


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