Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mad About Coco @ Fahrenheit 88 Bukit Bintang

Ok, so I'm blogging from my Samsung Galaxy S5 - let's see if this will turn out just fine. 

I spent the entire day running some super important errands and towards the end of the day, i spent it on indulging myself.

Went to Parkamaya at Fahrenheit88 and bought myself a black and white striped pencil skirt to wear to work with a white shirt. 

Had a scrumptious meal at a local restaurant and then stumbled upon this chocolate cafe which i guess was opened in Fahrenheit88 in Bukit Bintang just today. 

I present to you...
Mad About Coco @ Fahrenheit88 Bukit Bintang!!

It's an attractive outlet dubbed in lovely colours - milky blue, milky pink and white - with a tinge of retro theme such as the flashing lights which form the alphabets and the black and white floor tiles. 

Then there's also the menu in matching theme and colour.
(Sorry about the unmanicured nails)

Customers will have to pay upfront for their orders which will then be served to them when it's ready. 
You will be given a number, like I was, after paying for your orders.

I ordered... waffles dipped in dark chocolate... simply because milk chocolate is too sweet for my liking... this is a personal choice, anyway.

Oh, and they also have props for you to fool about with. Big retro wigs are available in black and red for you to put on. If I'm the marketing person of this outlet, i'll make customers put any of the props on, take a picture of themselves in it, upload it with a hashtag #madaboutcoco on Instagram or Facebook and receive 10% off their bill instantly!! OK, my brains should really just take a break from work.

Here's a selfie of me in the chocolate cafe without any of the props because im no-fun-like-that!

Aaaannddd... here's another camwhore shot. LOL. #thisiswhatyoudowhenyoureoutalone

Toodles for now but do stay tuned to my blog for more updates coming your way next week!!

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