Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Wedding

  Nope, this is not another blog post about how I want my "dream wedding" to be.
But yes, this is a blog post about my upcoming wedding - my actual wedding.

When I broke the news to people, one of the most common reaction I got was:

I know. My friends. Tsk tsk.

So........ the story goes back to 2006 when we met each other during college days. We lost contact for the next 5 years before finding each other on Facebook again in 2012. He was in the UK and I was here in Malaysia. Daily skype calls and chats led us to where we are now.....

So, how did Mr. Devam Das pop the question, you ask? Truth is, he didn't. Yup, you read that right.
He didn't ask me. Instead, he picked up the phone, called my dad, told my dad he loves me and asked for my hand in marriage.

I know right? Let's do it together.... 1, 2, 3....... AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

The custom made engagement ring. 

From that point onwards, it was decisions, decisions, loads of decisions and planning.

Where should we have the wedding? India or Malaysia or both?
If both, where should we have it first?
When should we have it?

19th April 2015 - Mumbai, India.

25th April 2015 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I've always told my mum that it'll be cool to have my wedding in two countries. 
This, my friend, is now a reality.
I wish mum was here though ;(

Those of you who have been involved in planning a sibling's/relative's/close friend's wedding will know how hectic it is planning one.
I have TWO weddings to plan, each taking place miles apart from the other. 
I've got a tour to arrange, accomodation, transportation, food, etc. 
If people are buying air tickets of about RM1200 just to attend your wedding, I feel it's only fair if you be a good host and provide them with the necessities mentioned.

So I have THAT to worry about, on top of all the videographers, dresses, dance performances, photographers, church wedding, flow of event, etc.

Hence, to help me prep for the wedding... I need to keep calm... and stay ZEN.
(in my own word: Sleep. actually. LOL)

Step 1: Getting Fit

Before you blast me thinking I'm one of those skinny girls who want to get even skinnier before the wedding, truth is, I'm going to the gym NOT to get skinnier or to lose weight - but in fact, to pile on more muscles and weight. 
Yes, I'm going to the gym to make myself look bulkier - to make myself look like I'm less likely to fly away when strong winds blow.

My goal is to expand my hips, thighs and pile on muscles to my arms.
So far so good. I no longer look like I'll fly when strong winds blow.

Step 2: Getting Fairer

Now, I love, love, LOVE tanning myself and hate being fair because I've always had the notion that having tanned-skin is sexy. At least I look like I have colour on my face and I won't look like I'll faint any minute.
But because the Mr likes me to stay fair... (his reasoning:Hey if I want a girl to be tanned-skin I have many to choose from in my own country, thank you.) That sounds fair enough. I oblige. 
Currently using a whole load of whitening products, scrub, staying out from the sun, applying enough lotion and taking extra care of my skin. 

Step 3: Experimenting with Styles and Make Up

I'll be doing a Kate Middleton in India. By that, I meant that I'll be doing my very own make up.
This is because I've tried out make up done by Indian beauty parlors and none of them can seem to get my eyes right.
Considering the fact that they are very used to drawing on big eyes, they obviously aren't used to smaller eyes hence it became a disaster.

So, it's just me doing my own make up in India, thank you.

Practising my make-up skills

Thankfully it's not the same case in Malaysia so below is the outcome of one of the make-up trials:

I love it. Do you? :)

Step 4: Clothings for Myself and the Entire Family

Because this is an Indian wedding and because I'll have relatives and friends flying over to India to attend my wedding, I have made a trip to India to help get their clothings sorted out. 

Natasha and Jaron looking extremely cute in Indian outfits.

Oh, the Mr also had my reception and Sangeet outfits sorted out.
So I was told that an Indian bride will have at the VERY LEAST 3 outfits to get into - an outfit for Sangeet (dance/bachelor party), an outfit for the reception dinner and an outfit for the actual wedding (walking around the fire). 
But because I also happen to be a Malaysian Chinese bride, I will have at least 3 outfits to wear here in KL too. One for the Church Wedding, one for the Tea Ceremony and at least 2 during the reception dinner.
That amounts to 7 outfits in total!

Step 5: Phtographers Etc.

In my mum's words: "Wedding videography is not something you want to cut cost on."
I remember her flipping when my brother didn't bother having a videographer for his wedding; to which I quickly got a friend of mine to film the wedding at just RM500.
At least, he can now show his kids his very own wedding ceremony :)

Aaaaannnywaaaayy... I've confirmed both my videographer and photographer. 
If i haven't confirmed at this point, I'll be in trouble, innit?
I've settled for nothing lesser than a beautiful work of art.

I shall now allow some of the pre-wedding pictures below to do the talking.

It's about a month away from the wedding. 
Brides maid dresses are ready.
Air tickets have been booked.
Invitation cards have made its round.
The truth? I'm excited to start a new chapter of life as Mrs. Devam Das. 

I hope mum is really able to look down from above to watch all this ;(


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