Thursday, June 25, 2015

Qliq Hotel Empire Damansara

OK, so it's been 2 months since the wedding and I have not blogged or uploaded any pics or video of my actual wedding day on this blog - I promise, promise, promise myself to do it sooooon. 

As of mid May, I have packed and left Malaysia for Bombay to be with my husband. (omg.. I actually have a husband now!) *the fact that I'm married hasn't fully sink in, one can tell*

Come this August, I will be leaving to Denmark for good. 
One can only imagine the packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking I've gone, going and will be going through!

I've quit my job, sold my car and gave up my rented house so for the last two nights that I was in Malaysia, I decided to put up in a hotel nearby my house.
I came across this new hotel called Qliq @ Empire Damansara. 

Hubs and I were greeted by staffs upon arrival at the hotel entrance. 
(I swear that these days even the service at 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur aren't this good!)

Then, we were ushered into the artistic, futuristic-looking lobby where we were each given hot hand towels which were rolled up in cute shapes and a bottle of mineral water while we check ourselves in.

We were very pleased to know that we were given an upgrade for our room and after passing us the key cards, the lady at the lobby said "Happy Honeymoon".

Before you go on thinking I'm a freeloader, I'll tell you briefly about what happened - shortly after booking this hotel through (I highly recommend this website for hotel bookings - it is indeed one of the cheapest, based on my research and comparisons!), I received an email from Qliq Hotel's manager, addressed to me directly (it didn't seem like one of those copy paste standard welcome-thankyou email), telling me a few things about the hotel and the nearby attractions and assuring me that their talents will be there to assist hubs and I upon our arrival and she even gave me her mobile number to contact her directly should I need further assistance or further information, whatsoever.

Since hubs and I spent the last two weeks in Malaysia mercilessly packing, selling stuff on Mudah and to Cash Converters and shipping some to India, I thought it will be nice to turn these two nights of hotel stay into a mini getaway. 
Hence, I wrote back to the manager asking her if it's possible to decorate the room a little... teehee.. I mean come on, it's not everyday one gets a chance to stay in a decorated hotel room, right?
 Plus.. it was subjected to the hotel management's agreement anyway!
She replied my email congratulating me (see.. very courteous!) and telling me she'll "try her best".

 My Expectation: A standard room decorated with rose petals on bed. 
Reality: A room upgraded to an exclusive suite... and... pictures below!

The hall of the suite.

I guess one can never go wrong with some complimentary fruits :)

The sofa in the hall.

A work desk in the hall

The room... separated from the hall by a door.

Love the deco, really! :)

I find the entire design concept of the hotel to be simple, clean, modern with a futuristic touch.

In the room itself.. there was also a walk in closet!

With loads of space to keep your lot of luggages.. in our case..  the space was really very much needed!

I'm very particular with hotel cleanliness. (my close friends can vouch for this!) 
I peered into one of the deco bowls located at the top shelf just to see if I can catch a speck of dust...... nothing, it's absolutely cleaaan!!

Another place I constantly check for dust in hotel rooms.. is the bed head... again, not a speck of dust!

Aaaand.. yet another often disgusting place to check if a hotel is clean.. the switches!!
Not only it is clean.. but but... you can also charge your phone or any electronic devices using the USB port in case you're a forgetful person like me who always forget to bring along the phone charger head... that, and the plugs are international!

Attention coffee/tea lovers... look what they have here!

One of the MAJOR part of a hotel room I ALWAYS ALWAYS check out before booking is the toilet.
Not only does it need to be clean but it MUST have a door to separate it from the bed room area and if possible, it shouldn't be facing the bed. No I'm not into "feng-shui". 
I just simply don't feel comfortable having the bathroom door right in front of me.

For the minority of you, who, like me, are toilet-facing-bed phobic.. you'll be glad to know that the toilet in this hotel room is within the walk-in-closet itself albeit separated by a door and that the walk in closet, too, is separated by a wooden sliding door from the bedroom area.

Neither did I expect from Qliq Hotel....

A decorated bath tub :)

With ample sitting space :)

The bathroom was spotless.

Yeap, they have rain shower!!!
And no, it doesn't rain men.. just, water. LOL.

And before you allow your imagination and sight to run wild on what you think are the toiletries they provide... let me lay it all out for you.

Nope.. it's not what you thought it was.
Nevermind if you weren't thinking about anything.
The red round looking stuff in the packet is a hair tie and the transparent one is a shower cap.

Ps: The shower gels smelled awesome - it had a relaxing scent that reminded me of spas!

If the pictures fail to tell you, then let me do so. 
Hubs and I had a wonderful stay at this hotel. 
Everything from the customer service to the cleanliness and amenities was perfect!
It's a pity we didn't really have the time to check out the pool area but from the pictures I saw, it sure is beautiful. 

My recommendation? 4.5 out of 5.0!!