Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hej Copenhagen!

I am, once again, blogging on my phone. My numerous attempt at going through 10,000 wedding pictures and selecting it to be uploaded to Blogger; plus writing a long essay on my wedding trying not to bore the crap out of my readers, failed miserably. There were two weddings in two different countries with some 800 people involved so please do give me some more time and i'll have my wedding blogpost up in no time!

Meanwhile... I've spent the last 6 months getting married in two countries (to the same man, of course!!), being a good Indian wife, learning to cook all that delicious mouth watering Indian dishes from my amazing mother in law, making Bengali tea, making 'nimbu' (lemon) sherbet, trying to be a good daughter in law and make both families proud, moving to India for a short while and then on to Denmark.....

Yep, that was a 6months well spent! So... i'm currently passing my days in Copenhagen by breathing in the fresh, fresh air, having a cup of hot tea whenever i want, waking up whenever i want, going around wherever i want.... i really do feel this is one good break i so deserve for all the stress that came in from every corner in the last 2 months leading up to my wedding day... 

So for now... let me just enjoy Denmark... for now.


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